Art Show 2018

The art show Environmental Justice in Indiana ran in May and June 2018 and has now drawn to a close. The Hoosier Chapter of the Sierra Club would like to thank everyone who participated, artists and visitors alike. 

If you are an artist and you'd like to be contacted about the 2019 exhibition, please email and we will get in touch when we put out the call to artists.

Read interviews with some of the artists participating here.

You can still find and participate in our online children's gallery here.

If you're an artist with an interest in the environment, you may also be interested in this: US Water Alliance Releases National Paper on Advancing One Water Through Arts and Culture


Photos from the exhibition:


(L) Charlie from the Center for Interfaith Cooperation enjoying Mark Warpenburg's amazing Beez exhibit, and (R) Michelle from our Winding Waters Group with Lifan Fan's Welcome to the Yellow Mountain.


 (L) Julie Rhodes from Reconnecting to Our Waterways admiring Justin Brown's Anthropogenic Tree of Life?, and (R) the WFYI crew came in to talk with us about the exhibition- look out for it being featured in a documentary later this year (watch this space for details). Dress made from recycled cat food packets by Christina Clark. 


Some of the comments we received during the course of the show... thank you to everyone who came and visited, commented, shared pictures on social media, and went away and took action to help protect our environment!

Photos from the opening night: 


(L) Hoosier Chapter's Monica Cannaley (Energy Efficiency Organizer), Marilyn Bauchat (ExCom member), Bowden Quinn (Chapter Director) and Rebecca Dien-Johns (Admin. Assistant and art show organizer) at the opening event.   

(R) Father and son saxophone duo Mark and Jeremy Radway treated the crowd to jazz (and great t-shirts). 


Artist Mark Warpenburg prepares hanging his Beez series, and Hoosiers sharing their environmental justice wishes for Indiana. 


Artists Lifan Fan and Stefan Petranek give the exhibition the thumbs up, and artist Julie Crowe with her work.


 Artists Ann Johnson AKA FB Fogg and Lylanne Mussellman with Lylanne's work (L) and Anne's work (R)

Children's gallery.

We are pleased to announce that we are also featuring an online children's gallery. Find the details on our dedicated page here.

Interviews with the artists.

Read interviews with some of the artists featured in the exhibition here.

Participating artists:

Ann Johnson aka FB Fogg

Brishen Vanderkolk

Catherine Cunningham

Christina M. Clark

Heather Rogers

John Spaziani

John Stinson

Julie Crowe

Justin Brown 

Kelly Weger

Kimberly McNeelan

Lawrence Lobdell

Lifan Fan

Lorie Lee Andrews

Lylanne Musselman

Mark Warpenburg

Monica Cannaley

Rochelle Cohen 

Sharon Jiskra-Brooks

Stefan Petranek

Stuart Hyatt

Victoria Haley