Legislative Tracker 2023

Welcome to the 2023 legislative session! Here we will be tracking bills moving through the legislature and informing you how to take action.

We are working with partners to protect our air, water, wild spaces, and people. Because we all deserve the ability to explore, enjoy, and protect the wild places of the earth - here in Indiana and beyond.


Contact your legislators about the issues below. (Find your legislators on the Indiana General Assembly’s website.)


Graphic says "Conserve the Climate, Take Action Today! Contact your state senator and ask them to support conservation funding in the biennial budget."
Contact your state senator and ask them to support conservation funding in the biennial budget. Read more below.




  • SB 242: DNR best floodplain mapping data
    • This bill could interfere with efforts to reduce flood risk. Read the full text of SB 242.
    • Ready for third reading in the House - contact your representative and urge them to oppose this bill.
  • SB 414: Onsite sewage systems and holding tanks.
    • A surprise amendment aimed at further reducing the protection of wetlands in Indiana was added to Senate Bill 414 on March 22. Please urge your legislator to remove the wetlands language or OPPOSE SB 414.
  • SB 472: "Advanced" recycling
    • This bill would deregulate polluting facilities by exempting false recycling from Indiana's solid waste laws.
    • On its way to the Governor - contact Governor Holcomb and urge him to veto this bill.
    • Handout regarding Advanced Recycling
  • THE DIRTY TRIFECTA: HB 1417, HB 1420, & HB 1421
  • HB 1421: Electric generating facility construction
    • Would grant Construction Work in Progress (CWIP) for expensive, dirty fossil gas plants to the electric utilities. CWIP allows utilities to charge customers for power plants before they produce ANY electricity, and even if they NEVER produce any electricity.
    • Has moved back to the House for concurrence. Contact your representative and urge them to oppose this biill.
  • HB 1623: Administrative rulemaking.
    • Would increase the burden on the Indiana Department of Environmental Management by requiring them to jump through more hoops in order to pass & maintain rules to protect the environment. Additionally, an amendment to this bill was passed that would not allow the state to have protections more stringent than those at the federal level regarding the disposal of dangerous coal ash.
    • Being heard by Senate Judiciary. Contact your senator and ask them to oppose this bill.


Interested in more? Below are two tables of all the bills that the Hoosier Chapter is tracking in 2023 - the first on environmental and energy-related legislation and the second on democracy, justice, and education focused legislation.

ENVIRONMENT & ENERGY: (Click here to open full sheet)

DEMOCRACY, JUSTICE, & EDUCATION: (Click here to open full sheet)