Curious about volunteering? You've come to the right place!

Our volunteers are what makes our organization strong. We aim to foster a welcoming, inclusive, and effective community for passionate activists. Take a look at our volunteer committees below and complete the volunteer interest form. If you're not seeing your interests reflected below but you'd still like to volunteer, drop us a line at hoosier.chapter@sierraclub.org and we can discuss opportunities!

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Some of our awesome volunteers at work- tabling at an Earth Day event, taking action to demand clean energy, and providing music for our art show opening!

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Internal Committees. The following committees help us to function as an organization:

Development Committee - The objective of this committee is to bring in new members and raise money for our organization. Chair: Roxanna Caldwell Back to top.

Finance Committee - The goal of this committee is to work with the chapter treasurer in the oversight of revenue, income and cash flow and to make sure best practices are being followed.  Chair: MaryBeth Wert

Nominations/Elections Committee -  This committee creates an action plan for our executive committee elections in the upcoming year. Chair: Richard Hill. Back to top.

Richard Hill- chair of our Nominations/Elections Committee.

Advocacy and Program Committees: The following committees help us to make concrete changes in people's lives, from policy and programmatic stand point.

Energy Committee - This committee addresses major energy initiatives throughout Indiana with the objective to meet Sierra Club 100% clean energy objective by 2030. Chair: Joab Schultheis Back to top.


Conservation Committee - This committee works to preserve and protect the natural resources in the state of Indiana. Chair: Julie Lowe Back to top.

Julie Lowe- Chair of our Conservation Committee. Julie is also our chapter Executive Committee chair. Read more about Julie here.

Legislative Committee - This committee advocates for effective public policies on the state level and holds public officials accountable for their positions on environmental issues. Chair: this position is currently open. Back to top.

Political Committee - Identifies candidates for local political office who are concerned about the environment and likely to take pro-environment positions if elected. Chair: Shannon Anderson. Back to top.

A close up photo of woman with brown hair tied back, and a white sleeveless top.

Shannon Anderson, chair of our Political Committee 

Outings Committee - Plans and schedules activities that include hiking, backpacking, biking and kayaking trips. Chair position currently open. Back to top.

Administration and Chapter Capacity Committees

Communications Committee - work on all communications, including planning content for our website and social media. Chair: Michelle Carr. Back to top.

Michelle Carr, Chair of our Communications Committee

Equity Committee - An emerging committee, dedicated to making sure we live our equity and justice principles and they guide our vision for our work. Chair: Marilyn Bauchat Back to top.

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Indiana Beyond Coal Campaign

Indiana stands at an energy crossroads where we can choose to invest in clean, renewable energy; energy efficiency and conservation; or, we can choose yesterday's dirty energy -- coal.  Our campaign is uniting people from across the state. Want to learn more? Join us! You can like us on facebook, follow us on twitter, and on instagram. We also have a facebook page for our work in the Ohio River Valley region which you can find here. To get involved, contact Megan Anderson: megan.anderson@sierraclub.org 

 Megan Anderson, Indiana Beyond Coal. Back to top.