Energy in Indiana

Energy issues are a central focus of the Sierra Club Hoosier Chapter...

...due to the impact of energy production on our air and water quality, and on climate disruption.

Clean energy: creating clean energy alternatives for Hoosiers

We support windfarms when deemed appropriate, and encourage FIT/distributed energy/net metering. Read more on renewable energy in Indiana here.

Energy efficiency:

See our advice on how you can help save energy in Indiana here.

Indiana stands at an energy crossroads where we can choose to invest in clean, renewable energy; energy efficiency and conservation; or, we can choose yesterday's dirty energy -- coal.  Our campaign is uniting people from across the state.  Want to learn more? The Indiana Beyond Coal facebook page is here.

Educational resources:

We believe it's important to teach children about ways to be responsible with energy use, and engage young people in environmental issues. See our page for some educational resources you may find useful for your children or your school.