Roxanna Caldwell

Executive Committe member, and Development Committee Co-Chair


L- Rox, R- Rox and Roscoe hiking in the Smokey Mountains.

Hi. I’m Roxanna Caldwell. I’m a lifelong Hoosier from northern Indiana and I’ve lived in Indianapolis for over 20 years. I currently reside in Garfield Park where I’m learning about native flowers to attract pollinators to my growing gardens, and you can usually find me taking care of a foster cat or two around the neighborhood. I’ve worked in Non-profit media for over 20 years and have been studying Environmental Sustainability Policy & Management to help me understand how to do more to combat the climate crisis in my community.

That led me to seek out a volunteer position to get right to work to support the leaders pursuing progress in Indiana environmental initiatives. In January of 2022 I officially joined the Sierra Club Hoosier Chapter Executive Committee. I’m also supporting the Hoosier Chapter on the conservation committee and as co-chair of the development committee.

I have the utmost respect for the Hoosier Chapter and our mission, which has been an inspiration for me to shine a brighter light on environmental concerns in my own backyard. Volunteering to assist the people on the front lines, doing the labor to tackle issues like, equity, clean energy, air & water gives me great hope! The work of the Sierra Club is making a real difference and to support the mission and strategy as an Executive Committee member is a thrilling opportunity.

I’m concerned about the consequences from Indiana legislative decisions that threaten environmental conservation of our forests and wetlands, supports the shipping of hazardous coal ash from other states, and the lack of investment to encourage converting fossil fuel use to renewable energy. The Sierra Club Hoosier Chapter is leading the way to protect our natural resources and I want to help amplify our voice and promote the critical work necessary to make lasting impact for the greater good. As a lifelong Hoosier I’m excited to share my time and passion, to educate and take action to realize positive change. I’m passionate about protecting the beautiful landscapes of our beloved state from the Great Lakes & Sand Dunes of Northern Indiana to the vast sprawling forests of Southern Indiana, and all the unique streams, and flora and fauna in between. I look forward to meeting like-minded individuals out at our events and in the community. I’d be happy to strike up conversations about concerns in your neighborhoods and share ways for you to act and get involved too!

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