Ski Trips


2023-2024 Trip Schedule

The Ski Touring Section leads trips during the winter. Trips will be managed under Sierra Club protocols.  Members are urged to subscribe to the section newsletter Track to learn about the upcoming trip schedule. Section meetings will be held via remote online video conferencing. See Track for URLs.

The trip schedule for the 2023-2024 season is shown below. Additional trips and events will be added as they are finalized. Final details of all trips will be listed in the STS newsletter Track.

Oct 7 STS planning meeting
Nov 6 STS Meeting (online only)
Nov 12 Avalanche Beacon Practice
Dec 4 STS Meeting (online only)
Dec 16-17 Peter Grubb Hut
Jan 6 Snow Camping Seminar
Jan 6-7 ClairTappan Lodge Day Trips
Jan 8 STS Meeting (online only)
Jan 26-28 Peter Grubb Hut
Feb 5 STS Meeting (online only)
Feb 6-8 Peter Grubb Hut (canceled)
Feb 10-12 Ludlow Hut Backcountry Hut
Mar 4 STS Meeting (online only)
Mar 9-10 Two Classic Tahoe Ski

(Updated 2/5/2024)

Confirmed trips may also be listed in the Loma Prieta Calendar at the discretion of the leader.

CST 2087766-40. Registration as a seller of travel does not constitute approval by the State of California.

Snow Camping Seminars

Approximately every other year, volunteers from the Backpacking Section and the Ski Touring Section hold a Snow Camping Seminar. For more information see early season TRACK newsletters or contact an STS officer. This season, the Bay Chapter will be holding snow camping training classes plus field trips. Click on for details.

Trip Classifications

Aimed at first-time cross-country skiers and those developing basic skills. The leader frequently provides some kind of instruction. Distances are typically 1 to 2 miles on gentle terrain.

Advanced Beginner
Aimed at skiers in good condition who have learned the basics of diagonal stride on the flats and easy hills. Distances are typically 2 to 5 miles over rolling terrain.

Aimed at skiers comfortable with uphill & downhill skiing, including traverses of steep sections. An intermediate skier has had instruction, has skied several times, and has developed enough skill and confidence to snowplow and step turn to control downhill speed. Intermediate trips include overnight visits to some backcountry ski huts, where carrying a moderate pack is required. 3 to 10 miles.

Advanced Intermediate
Aimed at skiers with intermediate skills but with greater endurance and who have developed skills for coping with poor weather or snow conditions, winter navigation, and snow-camping. 10-15 miles per day.

Aimed at skiers who can cover 10-30 miles in one day, ascend high mountains using climbing skins, and descend with linked telemark or parallel turns. The advanced skier must be in good physical condition, be able to acclimatize to altitude readily, and have a working knowledge of map and compass, avalanche hazards, and winter survival.

Trip Information and Examples

Dick Simpson gave a presentation on STS trips at a recent meeting. Click here to download a PDF version of the slides.