Sierra Club Maine Statement on Lewiston Mass Shooting

As we continue to process the domestic terrorism in Lewiston last week that stole 18 community members and forever changed our home, our hearts at Sierra Club Maine are with everyone affected by this horrific tragedy. 

As environmentalists working to protect and steward the land, we know that the wellness of the environment includes caring for people and guaranteeing the right to a safe and livable climate and community. Rooted in principles of equity and justice, we grieve with our community and demand action. We join the overwhelming majority of the public who demand an immediate end to gun violence. The Sierra Club has and will continue to demand our leaders take action. We call on our elected officials at the local, state, and national level to implement strong gun safety laws to protect our communities.

We all process grief differently. For information on family and mental health support, we encourage our fellow Mainers to visit To support statewide gun legislation and justice, we encourage you to join us in Augusta on Saturday, Nov 4th at the Rally for Gun Safety Legislation

If you would like to provide funds to support the needs of the Lewiston community, here are two current fundraisers: 

  • The Maine Community Foundation, a registered 501(c)3, has created the Lewiston-Auburn Area Response Fund to address current and emerging needs associated with this tragedy. With MaineCF as a conduit, 100% of every dollar donated will be allocated to people impacted and the organizations that will help guide Lewiston-Auburn through the process of healing. 
  • Lewiston Public Schools has opened a donation portal to support student needs. The donation link is available on the LPS website.