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Maine Supports the National Clean Energy and Sustainability Accelerator (National Climate Bank)

We would like all of Maine’s Senators and Representatives to sign on as co-sponsors of the National Clean Energy and Sustainability Accelerator. Read More.


Oil slick

Protect South Portland: Take Action Against Fuel Tank Emissions

Mainers who live close to fuel tanks are suffering from harmful and unchecked emissions. We are fighting for transparency and the protection of our communities. Read More.


Power lines

Consumer Owned Utility for Maine

Proven to work for 1 in 3 Americans over more than a century, consumer ownership is the paradigm needed for a fully electrified, decarbonized future. Read More.


Map of Maine regions

Ensure Tribal Sovereignty in Maine

Maine has impeded progress for the Tribes for 40 years. The time is now to treat the Tribes with respect as sovereign governments and place them on the same footing as the other 562 federally recognized tribes. Read More.


Pine Tree

Pass the Pine Tree Amendment

This bill would amend the Maine constitution to secure rights to clean air, pure water, and a healthy environment. This form of amendment has been proposed and passed in Pennsylvania and Montana. Read More.


Go Solar with Sierra Club Maine and Revision Energy

To support our important environmental advocacy and education work, Maine's largest solar installer ReVision Energy will make a donation for each solar system, purchased by a Sierra Club supporter. To get started, schedule a free appointment with ReVision for an estimate for a photovoltaic and/or hot water solar system for your home or business.

Thanks for doing your part for cleaner energy and helping to support the Sierra Club Maine by going solar!


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MaineShare gives you an easy way to donate to over 40 statewide organizations working every- day to make Maine a better place to live. Through payroll giving contributions and direct gifts, our donors help these organizations achieve good health, environmental protection, safe communities, economic opportunity, human rights, animal welfare, peace, and much more. Your year-round giving at work provides these groups with a steady flow of dollars to keep important programs going.


Donate Your Vehicle to the Maine Chapter

Now more than ever, we need your help protecting our wildlands and wildlife, keeping our air and water free from pollution, and promoting a clean energy future.

Your car donation to the Sierra Club Foundation will not only clear up space at your home, it will help support our work to protect the planet. Vehicle donations are a great way to add another deduction to your list. Donate by December 31 in order to be eligible for a 2018 tax deduction.

Donate now by calling (844-674-3772) or visit http://scfch.careasy.org/HOME.html to fill out our secure online form. Our partners at CARS Inc. will handle the rest--including picking up your vehicle from any location, no matter its condition. CARS accepts trucks, trailers, boats, RVs, motorcycles, and more.