We are a grassroots organization that relies on the passion of volunteers to make real change. 

Below is a list of our volunteer opportunities. To express interest, please fill out our volunteer interest form and someone from our team will reach out to you. 

If you have questions, please contact us at Maine.Chapter@sierraclub.org or 207-761-5616.

Read our Volunteer Leader, Becky Bartovics' personal volunteer story here.

Team Opportunities:

Advancement Team

Help raise the crucial funds necessary for us to do our work. You will help by building relationships with members, donors, and grantmakers, calling and writing thank you notes, researching and writing grants, and organizing donor cultivation events. 

Climate Action Team (CAT)

Our Climate Action Team program works with citizens in Maine towns and cities to address the climate crisis through local projects like weatherizing homes in the community or encouraging a municipality to install solar panels. If you would like to start or join a local Climate Action Team in your community, please fill out our voulenteer intake form and contact our Grassroots Climate Action Organizer, Ania Wright: ania.wright@sierraclub.org. Our long-term goal is to move Maine beyond fossil fuels to 100% clean energy. 

Conservation Team

Protect Maine's woods, water, and wildlife. Past projects have included stopping the East West Highway, supporting a Maine Woods National Monument, and encouraging small woodlot owners to keep their lands in order to help sequester carbon. Visit our Woods, Waters, and Wildlife page to learn more! 

Energy Team

Help ensure 100% renewable energy future for Maine through advocacy and oversight of the PUC and Legislature. Support our national and regional Beyond Coal efforts and our opposition to large-scale Hydro. Visit our energy page for more information! 

Events Team

Help engage with individuals throughout the state through events. Help organize and implement various community activities and digital gatherings such as our annual celebration, beach or community cleanup days, film nights, speaker series, and more.

Equity, Inclusion, and Justice Team

Help incorporate equity, inclusion, and justice principles into the chapter's work

Executive Team

Elected once a year, Executive Committee Members help set the strategic direction for the Chapter, oversee the finances, and ensure that the Chapter remains in compliance. Visit our Executive Committee page to meet our current members! 

Legislative Team

Help us to champion pro-environment laws and policies in Augusta by helping to create legislation, lobby legislators, testify on bills, host house parties, and more. Visit our legislative page to learn more about our past and current work! 

Outings Team

Organize forays to Maine’s special outdoor places. Participate in or lead walks, hikes, paddling adventures, and more. Visit our outings page to learn more! 

Political Team

Help elect candidates who will support and promote environmental protection by volunteering for an endorsed candidates campaign, encouraging individuals to participate in the political process, and informing the public about candidates’ environmental positions and voting records. Visit our political page to learn more! 

Volunteer Support Team

Help recruit and orient new volunteers, and ensure overall volunteer satisfaction.


Other Volunteer Opportunities:

Submit an Article for Our E-Newsletter or Blog

We are always looking for talented writers to help write content for our e-newsletter and blog! If you have an idea for an article please fill out our Article Submission Form. Interested in becoming a volunteer writer? Contact us at Maine.Chapter@sierraclub.org to learn how you can help.

Submit an Idea for Social Media

Social media helps spread relevant information to our followers. Your ideas are critical to our social media success! If there is something you would like shared on our social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), please fill out our Social Media Request Form. Contact us at Maine.Chapter@sierraclub.org with any questions.

Submit a Photo

We are always looks for photos from across the state to feature in our marketing materials. From social media posts, to our annual calendar and more—your photo could be featured! Professionals and amateurs alike are encouraged to submit images of Maine landscapes, nature, and wildlife. Submit your photo here. 

Office Help

Help is needed for a variety of office work, like stamping and stuffing envelopes for mailings or maintaining our membership database. 

Letter Writing

Write letters to the editor on topics of interest in your region. We will let you know when letters on specific issues are needed.  Contact us at Maine.Chapter@sierraclub.org or 207-761-5616 to learn how you can help.

Volunteer Story

By Becky Bartovics, Volunteer Leader

"I always knew that I wanted to be an activist. When I became a lifetime Sierra Club member in 1985 it was because I wanted to help protect water. All life comes from water and, as a mother, I had a deep instinctual connection to protect such a vital natural resource.

I started volunteering for Sierra Club per the recommendation of my sister. At the time, I had no concept of the immense opportunities and support that the club would provide me. Thirty-five years after becoming a member, I am more passionate about Sierra Club Maine than ever before. Not only did the organization provide me with an avenue to protect the environment that I cherish so deeply, but also became a community that I have come to depend on.

Sierra Club Maine is a powerful network of volunteers looking to make a meaningful difference. As a volunteer, I work with individuals from across Maine and the country. Individuals who have supported me in my environmental goals and emotionally through tumultuous times. We laugh, we cry, we celebrate, and we holler—all together. Working together through it all to find solutions to environmental issues is fulfilling.

Unlike other organizations, Sierra Club Maine is not beholden to large donors. Individuals like you and me are what make Sierra Club Maine. We are the powerful force that makes a real impact in Maine."