Green Team

The Sustainability Committee and Speakers Group changed its name to “GreenTeamPPG” in 2019. While developing a new website, the committee included several of the slideshow presentations that were originally developed and shown by the speakers’ group.  The website serves to strengthen the nationwide "green" movement and advocate for a zero-carbon footprint in every neighborhood--that's zero emissions and zero wastes.

You can read more about the Green Team’s mission and intention on the website,  The team’s main purpose is to promote awareness about responsible and irresponsible uses of the Earth's resources and to educate consumers about the need to change personal buying habits.  We hope to help everyone realize that they can become “conscientious consumers” by refusing to buy dirty, polluting, and unhealthy products.

The site is sponsored by the Piedmont Plateau Group, Sierra Club. Several of the original slideshows were produced by Jerry Varner, Linda Margo, and Hazel Landers for presentations conducted by the Sustainability Speakers Group in 2012-2014.  Team members are currently up-dating the media page, which includes slideshows, local and national petitions, sample letters, magazine articles, and videos from several environmental groups to the site. 

If you’d like to join PPG’s Green Team or be placed on our e-mail list, please contact the team at We also encourage you to visit the Green Team’s display at Deep Roots Market, 600 N. Eugene St. in Greensboro, where you can sign the “Save Our Trees” petition and pick up a handout.  For more information about the Green Team, remember to visit: