Messages from our Volunteer Leaders

Message From the Group Chair, Hazel

Dear Piedmont Plateau Sierrans and Friends,

As a former group chair and twenty-three year member of the Sierra Club, I bring a strong commitment to the environmental advocacy that our communities and planet need.

  • During the uncertain times of last two years' pandemic, our abilities to care for both our world and the people in it were tested.
  • Due to our love for natural spaces and the essential need for environmental justice and advocacy, we are guided by the strong mission of the Sierra Club:
    • "to practice and promote the responsible use of the earth's ecosystems and resources;
    • to educate and enlist humanity to protect and restore the quality of the natural and human environment,
    • and to use all lawful means to carry out these objectives."


The Piedmont Plateau Group is doing its best to carry forth a leadership role within our communities.

  • PPG has developed relationships that guide us in the direction of a "Clean Energy Future".
  • We support our streams, farmland and forests.
  • We have led the way to increase public awareness, by providing monthly educational programs (via Zoom) and developing the "Save Our Trees" campaign. 
  • We have also joined with the Haw River Assembly to monitor local streams.   
  • As we step into the first half of 2022 with all restrictions lifted, we are preparing for more invigorating and enjoyable outings. 
  • There are many good things happening for our communities and many beautiful sites to see within the Piedmont Plateau!  

I look forward to working and interacting with you! 

~ Hazel

Message from Vice Chair, Karen Katula

"Even though the Greensboro City Council didn’t have the authority to call a moratorium on clear-cutting, the “Save Our Trees” campaign brought new life to the Piedmont Plateau Group.

  • The "Save Our Trees" initiative attracted more members,
    • as it illustrated that even a small group of people can actually follow through with action.
    • Members want to see action.
    • It's not enough to go on hikes or listen to speakers or have parties.
  • My experience with "Save Our Trees"
    • has made me more of a believer in the Sierra Club.
    • It makes me want to be more involved. 
  • It was an exciting experience
    • working with a group of people,
    • practicing the talk, and
    • presenting before the City Council. 

I look forward to serving as Vice Chair and being involved with taking the “Save Our Trees” campaign in a different direction."

~ Karen