Save Our Trees

A Piedmont Plateau, Sierra Club Campaign

The Piedmont Plateau Executive Committee is pleased to announce a new approach to the "Save Our Trees" campaign. This approach continues to be based on an in-depth study of the global, national and local crises that have been caused by clear-cutting and deforestation. The study, conducted by PPG in 2019 and 2020, was the basis for the "Where Have All the Forests Gone?" slideshow, as well as the current campaign.  The study serves as a reminder that we cannot fight climate change and diseases without our forests!

The newly condensed slideshow presentation of “Save Our Trees” focuses on an appeal to the Greensboro City Council to stop rezoning forestland for urban development. It's our intent to highly encourage the city council to take immediate action to Save Our Trees!  Click here to view the slideshow: “Save Our Trees”. 

PPG members are also planning to deliver the original petition to the Guilford County Board of Commissioners in late 2023.  Please watch for further announcements about the petition and contact if interested in joining this initiative or forming a similar effort in Rockingham, Randolph, Richmond or Montgomery Counties.
For more details about this campaign and to view the original slideshow presentation, please click this title, "Where Have All the Forests Gone?" 

With the help of the State Chapter, the slideshow was made into a video.  Click title to view the "Where Have All The Forests Gone?" video (then click left arrow to return to this page).