About Sierra Club-North Dakota Chapter

We're into outside. Big time.

Whether it’s time tromping down trails, telling tales around the campfire and counting he stars in the vast night sky, rallying for a conservation cause, testifying before a legislative committee or meeting with a member of Congress, Sierra Club-North Dakota Chapter members are there.

The North Dakota Chapter of the Sierra Club is a volunteer-driven, grassroots organization. We are your friends, your neighbors and your coworkers. Our members pick our priorities, do the work and create real benefits for North Dakota's people and environment.

We do it because we believe in preserving and protecting our state's natural areas and natural wonders, from buttes to prairies, ecosystems to watersheds, wildlands to wildlife. We also believe we have an obligation to fight for clean air, safe water and a livable planet for ourselves and future generations.

Sierra Club-North Dakota Chapter is the leading grassroots voice in North Dakota, working with like-minded organizations on issues that are important to our state and its people. We also tackle issues that threaten our state's natural beauty, such as coal and oil development, advocate for sustainability through technology-driven solutions, such as wind energy and electric vehicles, and we fight to preserve and restore natural wonders like the Badlands and the Missouri River, the only waterway in the state designated as a State Scenic River. 

We’re into community, too. 

We like to hang out with people who see the same value in our natural world. We organize, host and participate in partner organizations’ outings throughout the year, from hiking and camping to cross-country skiing and kayaking. Wildlands enrich our lives, and these outings bring together members and non-members alike to enjoy North Dakota’s beauty, bounty and majesty.

We’d love to have you join us.