Recent Successes

The North Dakota Chapter of the Sierra Club is proud of recent successes related to public policies and issues in North Dakota and nationally.


Missouri River Day Park - State Government
Sierra Club-North Dakota Chapter led the charge in bringing about the transfer of 213 acres of Missouri River shoreline south of Bismarck, N.D., from the N.D. Department of Corrections to the N.D. Parks and Recreation Department. The result was the creation of North Dakota’s newest state park, Missouri River Day Park. The park provides access to the Missouri River and protects a cottonwood forest, a sand dune ecosystem and wetlands while providing low impact birding, hiking, biking and other recreational opportunities.

Wind Tax and Moratorium - North Dakota Legislature
Sierra Club-North Dakota Chapter actively opposed attempts to cripple the North Dakota wind industry in the North Dakota Legislature’s 2017 session. One proposal would have leveled a $1.50 per kilowatt/hour tax on any new wind development in the state, with the funds set to go to the coal industry. After that failed, a bill was proposed to implement a two-year moratorium on new wind development, and that also failed.

Methane Rule - U.S. Congress
Sierra Club-North Dakota Chapter opposed efforts in the U.S. Congress to eliminate the Bureau of Land Management's rule to reduce methane that is leaked, vented and flared during oil production. Sen. Heidi Heitkamp was a "swing" vote on the issue. North Dakota Chapter members stepped up to the plate and convinced Sen. Heitkamp to vote to stop this wasteful practice and to protect North Dakotans’ health.

Section Line Lawsuit
When the state of North Dakota and western oil-producing counties sued the U.S. Forest Service to open every section line for roads in the Badlands facilitate oil and gas development, Sierra Club-North Dakota Chapter was there. We were active in this lawsuit for more than eight years, and in 2017 a judge finally issued a ruling in the case that protects the integrity of the Badlands.

N.D. Clean Energy State Table
The North Dakota Chapter of the Sierra Club worked with the Dakota Resource Council in 2016 to create the North Dakota Clean Energy State Table. The group has been a partnership of 18 diverse organizations working together to reduce North Dakota's carbon footprint. Participants have represented faith, student, health care, Native American, environmental and labor organizations.