About Us

Conservation Efforts

The Sierra Club Mission

  • Explore, enjoy and protect the wild places of the earth.
  • Practice and promote the responsible use of the earth's ecosystems and resources.
  • Educate and enlist humanity to protect and restore the quality of the natural and human environment.
  • Use all lawful means to carry out these objectives.

National Conservation Campaigns

National Sierra Club has many priority campaigns — Stop Sprawl, Protect Wildlands, End Commercial Logging in National Forests, Clean Water, Stop Global Warming, Human Rights and the Environment, Global Population and Environment, and Responsible Trade.

Many of these issues resonate here in Napa County. The Conservation Committee of the Napa Group Sierra Club reviews local goals and priorities, and proposing some long-term conservation objectives to the Napa Executive Committee.

To help, contact us at: napavalleysierraclub@gmail.com

Local Issues

Climate Action:

climate protest

Several members of the Napa Sierra Club Group volunteer with various local committees, and help lobby local and state officials for changes in Climate Change policies. We are also working with other Climate Action groups such as Napa Climate Now and Schools for Climate Action.




Napa Sierra Club supports slow growth within local cities and works for the protection of wildlife habitats, agricultural lands, and watersheds while accomodating affordable housing and transportation for the local work force.



Protect wildlands

Napa Sierra Club supports wilderness designation for the three areas in Napa included in Congressional legislation:

1. Cedar Roughs — 5,880 acres west of Lake Berryessa including a genetically pure grove of the rare Sargent cypress

2. Blue Ridge — 760 acres of ridgetop with terrific views and astounding displays of wildflowers in the far northeastern portion of Napa County

3. Cache Creek Natural Area — Most of the 38,960 acres are in Lake County, but 44 acres are in far northeast Napa County.



 Woodlands and watersheds protection

Protecting our forests, old-growth trees, and watersheds is our local groups main priority. Preventing our hillsides from deforestation is an ongoing critical issue in Napa County. 



Healthy Napa River system

river view

Restoring the health of the Napa River, which has been characterized as impaired, through appropriate setbacks, the rewrite of the conservation regulations, the interim setback ordinance, and effective erosion control plans is a battle which will take years.