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Napa Group Executive Committee

The officers of the Napa Group Sierra Club are listed below. These include the Executive Committee officers (*), chairs of all committees, student interns, and other officers and liaisons.

Members of the Executive Committee may be contacted at



ExCom Chair

Nick Cheranich*


Scott Thomason*


Elayna Trucker*


Scott Thomason*

Conservation Chair

David Campbell*

Communications/Membership Chair

Nick Cheranich/David Campbell

Legal liaison

Carol Kunze

Political Chair

Nick Cheranich

Redwood Chapter delegates

David Campbell

Executive Committee Member at Large

David Campbell

Executive Committee Member at Large

Roland Dumas

Redwood Chapter Needles newsletter


Newsletter & Website editors

Nick Cheranich

Redwood Chapter Climate & Energy representative


Vine Trail representative

Ellen Udoff

2024 Student Interns (Napa)

Liliana Karesh, Paulina Zambrano

2024 Student Interns (American Canyon)

Kate Bit, Maia Medalle