Acronyms We Use



Many documents on environmental issues are riddled with acronyms. They are so numerous that it is often hard to remember what they all mean. Here is a list of some commonly used, with special emphasis on terms used locally. If you have any additions to this list, please send an email to the webmaster. This list will be growing.

ACFSC Arrowhead Communities Fire Safe Council
BBVFSC Big Bear Valley Fire Safe Council
BLM Bureau of Land Management


Board of Supervisors

CBD Center for Biological Diversity
CDF California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection
CDFW California Department of Fish and Wildlife
CEQA California Environmental Quality Act
CERES California Environmental Resources Evaluation System
CIWTG California Interagency Wildlife Task Group
CLAWA Crestline Lake Arrowhead Water Agency
ConsCom Conservation Committee
CNPS California Native Plant Society
CWC California Wilderness Coalition
DEIR Draft Environmental Impact Report
DEIS Draft Environmental Impact Statement
DFG Department of Fish and Game
DRC Developmental Review Committee
EA Environmental Assessment
EIR Environmental Impact Report
EIS Environmental Impact Statement
EPA Environmental Protection Agency
ESA Endangered Species Act
ExCom Executive Committee
FEIS Final Environmental Impact Statement
FONSI Finding Of No Significant Impact
FoF Friends of Fawnskin
FSC Fire Safe Council
GPAC General Plan Advisory Committee
GVL Green Valley Lake
GVLCDP Green Valley Lake Citizens for Disaster Preparedness
LACSD Lake Arrowhead Community Services District
LitCom Litigation Committee
LUPIN California Land Use Planning Information Network
LWCF Land and Water Conservation Fund
MAC Municipal Advisory Council
MARTA Mountain Area Regional Transit Authority
MAST Mountain Area Safety Taskforce
MRFSC Mountain Rim Fire Safe Council
MTHC Mountain Top Hiking Club
NEPA National Environmental Policy Act


National Forest Land and Resource Management Plan

Also called the Forest Plan

OHV Off highway vehicles


Off-road vehicles

PCT Pacific Crest Trail
PCTA Pacific Crest Trail Association
ROWIA Rim of the World Interpretive Association
ROWT Rim of the World Trail
SANBAG San Bernardino Associated Governments
ROWRPD Rim of the World Recreation & Park Dist.
SANBAG San Bernardino Associated Governments
SBMG San Bernardino Mountains Group
SBMLT San Bernardino Mountains Land Trust
SBNFA San Bernardino National Forest Association
SBNFT San Bernardino National Forest Taskforce
SC Sierra Club
SCA Student Conservation Association
SCAG Southern California Associated Governments
SGWA San Gorgonio Wilderness Association
SOFA Save Our Forests Association
SOPA Schedule of Proposed Actions (Forest Service)
USDA United States Dept of Agriculture (Forest Service)
USGA United States Geological Survey
WSA Wilderness Study Area