Our Mission


We are the San Bernardino Mountains Group

of the Sierra Club

 Our Purpose is to:

Explore, Enjoy, and Protect
the Natural and Human Environment of the San Bernardino Mountains.

 SBMG Guiding Principles

(The Values that Guide Our Behavior and Decision Making)


Exploring and Enjoying the Environment:

We believe in, and value, the inherent worth of all natural environments, undisturbed by man.  We also believe that the appreciation of nature is fundamental to a healthy and whole perspective of life, and that all of us deserve access to it in ways that are not harmful.

Protecting the Environment:

We believe our Mountain environment is fragile and threatened. We work independently, and in cooperation with agencies, groups and organizations to lawfully protect it.


We have constant respect for people and we provide a climate of courtesy and consideration at all times.  We recognize each individual's unique and important contributions and we ensure everyone's opportunity to participate in our endeavors.


We are committed to honesty and ethical behavior and can be trusted to do what we say.


We believe in rational, open discourse.  Although we depend upon our instincts and emotions to guide us, our policies, arguments, and actions will depend upon reason and logic substantiated by solid evidence.


We believe that knowledge leads to understanding and we are committed to learning by experience, by listening, and by studying.   We help others to understand by sharing what we know.


We are committed to team efforts and believe that mutual respect, trust, and open communications foster interaction and lead to combined results that exceed those of any individual.


We believe that the time we spend should be enjoyable and energizing and that creativity, excitement, involvement, and enthusiasm are encouraged by both a sense of humor and a sense of accomplishment.


The Results that We Want to Achieve...

  • Advocate and Protect the Natural Spaces, Wilderness, and Human Community of the San Bernardino Mountains.

  • Expand Communication and Collaboration with Other Groups and Organizations.

  • Increase and Retain Memberships

  • Increase Active Participation of Members.

  • Develop and Document Group Structure and Processes to Facilitate the Accomplishment of Goals.

  • Enjoy Our Mountain Home, Our Group Efforts, and Each Other.

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