Bad Weather Policy


Fog, Rain, Snow, Ice, WInd, Sleet, etc.

As we know all too well, weather conditions can change suddenly and drastically in our mountains.

In case of bad weather or heavy fog the Mountains Group's policy is to cancel a scheduled event.

The following procedures have been set up to decide when to cancel an event and how to communicate this decision to members.


1) Designated contacts in Grass Valley Lake, Running Springs, Lake Arrowhead, Rim Forest and Crestline will report to the Chair (or to the Vice Chair, in the Chair’s absence) their weather conditions by 12 noon on the day of meetings at St. Richard’s or 9 am for events at Shady Cove or Keller Hut.

2) Based on those reports, a decision to “Go Ahead” with a meeting or “Call It Off” will be made.

3) The decision will be communicated to everyone on our email list and will, if possible, also be posted on this website.