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The San Francisco Bay is a vital asset that we all share. Wherever we live in the Bay Area, we all have a stake in what happens to it.

Through education, advocacy, and grassroots activism, the Bay Alive Campaign is building local and regional support for sustainable solutions, and community resilience to sea level rise around the Bay. We hope you’ll join us in this important work to keep the San Francisco Bay alive!


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Sea level rise poses an existential threat to San Francisco Bay and particularly its shoreline communities. Join the Sierra Club in advocating for urgent, regional and nature-based solutions for the Bay.

Why we need nature-based adaptation

Sea Level Rise Webinar Series

This webinar series provides an introduction to Nature-Based Adaptations and how to plan for and fund them. Learn from leading experts in the field about how to make your community resilient to the impacts of sea level rise.


The Bay Alive campaign is funded through a bequest received by the Loma Prieta Chapter from the Rohloff Estate.

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