Cool Schools 2013 Full Ranking

The complete list of Sierra's 2013 Cool Schools participants

September 27, 2013

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Total scores and rankings for all schools that participated.

University of Connecticut1850.14
Dickinson College2807.04
University of California, Irvine3794.30
University of California, Davis4782.74
Cornell University5776.72
Green Mountain College6767.09
Stanford University7763.82
Georgia Institute of Technology8759.76
American University9759.34
University of California, Santa Barbara10756.69
Oregon State University11755.43
University of Washington, Seattle12750.23
University of Maryland, College Park13732.40
University of New Hampshire14729.38
Harvard University15723.47
Emory University16718.88
Evergreen State College, The17707.43
Appalachian State University18701.61
Lewis & Clark College19701.04
University of California, San Diego20698.95
University of California, Santa Cruz21698.30
The University of Arizona22696.02
George Washington University23695.90
Chatham University24693.77
University of California, Berkeley25692.45
Southern Oregon University26685.07
University of Massachusetts Amherst27681.16
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign28679.12
University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh29678.59
Pomona College30677.45
Portland State University31675.38
University of California, Los Angeles32674.13
Warren Wilson College33669.70
University of Colorado Boulder34669.65
University of Missouri35669.56
Santa Clara University36662.05
Colgate University37661.56
University of Minnesota, Morris38659.40
Virginia Commonwealth University39657.39
Grand Valley State University40654.60
Middlebury College41654.34
University of Pennsylvania42648.94
Furman University43648.79
University of California, Merced44646.92
Luther College45646.02
University of Oregon46643.80
Vanderbilt University47639.25
California State Polytechnic University, Pomona48638.87
The Ohio State University49633.89
Wellesley College50633.00
Pennsylvania State University51632.08
Lawrence University52627.19
University of Louisville53625.74
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill54624.79
Arizona State University55621.52
University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point56621.34
Macalester College57615.95
Loyola Marymount University58613.62
Rochester Institute of Technology59610.71
Carleton College60609.59
Carnegie Mellon University61609.05
University of Missouri, Kansas City62606.22
University of the Pacific63604.80
Elon University64600.91
California State University, Channel Islands65597.49
Denison University66597.37
Ithaca College67597.35
Princeton University68595.63
George Mason University69587.08
Ball State University70586.87
Indiana University Bloomington71586.30
California State University, Chico72585.94
Hobart and William Smith Colleges73583.73
University of North Carolina, Greensboro74580.07
University of Puget Sound75577.56
Case Western Reserve University76577.14
University of San Diego77571.61
Drexel University78571.49
Aquinas College79570.21
Western Washington University80569.87
Purdue University81568.82
College of the Atlantic82567.26
Wesleyan University83567.24
University of Virginia84564.08
Northern Arizona University85551.46
Bard College86549.86
University at Albany87547.13
Boston University88543.89
Hampshire College89543.08
Mills College90539.47
California State University, Monterey Bay91531.67
Slippery Rock University92528.49
Texas A&M University93522.37
Villanova University94521.51
Colby College95520.67
University of Wisconsin-Green Bay96516.47
Kenyon College97515.96
Frostburg State University98514.52
University of Denver99512.89
University of Richmond100510.67
State University of New York at Purchase101509.41
University of California, Riverside102504.59
Pepperdine University103502.11
University of Colorado Denver104500.84
Northland College105500.74
Bowdoin College106496.11
Washington State University, Pullman107495.90
Dartmouth College108495.71
Seattle University109491.35
University of Tennessee at Knoxville110490.66
Randolph College111487.84
Western Kentucky University112487.23
St. John's University113485.02
Brown University114483.83
The College of Wooster115479.40
Utah State University116473.57
Florida Gulf Coast University117473.22
University of Montana118471.38
Bentley University119471.25
Drew University120470.87
Champlain College121463.19
Earlham College122461.21
Weber State University123452.86
Mount Holyoke College124445.29
Worcester Polytechnic Institute125442.44
Westminster College126438.14
The New School127433.06
Texas Tech University128432.60
Maharishi University of Management129422.37
Louisiana State University130415.23
Ohio University131414.88
Naropa University132408.45
Baylor University133397.95
Gonzaga University134396.84
University of Mount Union135394.76
Eastern Connecticut State University136394.50
University of Dayton137391.46
Knox College138390.81
University of Utah139389.09
Creighton University140388.27
Saint Louis University141380.68
Connecticut College142377.96
St. Lawrence University143371.04
University of North Florida144360.56
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville145358.15
Transylvania University146356.34
State University of New York at Oneonta147354.23
Suffolk University148348.74
Bryant University149348.30
Plymouth State University150345.21
Prescott College151334.66
Belmont University152326.05
LIU Post153323.54
Southern Connecticut State University154312.52
College of Charleston155309.23
Grinnell College156255.33
Kent State University157247.30
DePaul University158241.20
Lynchburg College159188.42
Southwestern College160172.20
University of Texas at Dallas161139.99
University of Southern Maine162138.55