Eight Hammocks That Guarantee Quality Hang Time

You may not need a tent on your next camping/backpacking adventure

By Jill K. Robinson

June 15, 2017

KAMMOK’s Roo Camping Hammock

If you've ever tossed and turned in your tent because of a bad sleeping pad, a tree root, or a slope that made you feel like you were falling, consider a hammock. Now that many come with accessories like tarps, gear lofts, and mosquito nets, you may not even need to pitch a tent. Based on extensive field-testing (OK, napping), these hammocks are your best bet for quality hang time.

KAMMOK's Roo Camping Hammock (24 ounces) measures 120 inches by 67 inches—enough to fit two (spooning) people. It's more comfortable for solo usage than narrower, single-person designs. Made from diamond-ripstop nylon, this hammock supports up to 500 pounds. Yet it's lightweight and breathable, and it packs down to the size of a coconut. The Roo comes with carabiners and slings for setting up. Spring for the extra Python Straps ($29) for an even quicker and easier way to attach to fixed objects. $99, kammok.com

TechNest Hammock

ENO's TechNest Hammock (14 ounces) offers a quick setup, as the stuff sack is attached. Wrap both suspension straps (sold separately) around your trees. $95, eaglesnestoutfittersinc.com

SomniSmart Recycled Hammock With Suspension

YUKON OUTFITTERS' SomniSmart Recycled Hammock With Suspension (28 ounces) is woven from old water bottles. Its cinch-buckle system makes for a fast setup. $80, yukon-outfitters.com

Slacker Single Hammock

THERM-A-REST's Slacker Single Hammock (1 pound, 4 ounces) is made from fast-drying ripstop polyester and comes in seven colors. The Suspenders Hanging Kit is $30. $70, thermarest.com

Ultralight Hammock

SEA TO SUMMIT's Ultralight Hammock (5.4 ounces) is crafted with highly compressible, whisper-light fabric but is able to withstand a 300-pound load. $90, seatosummit.com 


The following hammocks are better suited to backyard or car camping. 

Kwik Set Hammock

KAMP-RITE's Kwik Set Hammock (33 pounds) is too heavy to take backpacking, but its collapsible frame means you don't need to find the perfect tree configuration. This design is ideal for car camping. $120, kamprite.com

Cloudview Hammock


NEMO EQUIPMENT's Cloudview Hammock (4 pounds, 11 ounces) comes with spreader bars and patterning designed to allow for better body positioning (as if you are in a chaise longue rather than a burrito). The integrated cup holder and tablet/phone pocket are so convenient, you may just chill in this hammock for hours. $170, nemoequipment.com

T-Mini Double Hammock

TENTSILE's T-Mini Double Hammock (4 pounds) has a three-sided design, offering each hammocker a little pocket of their own (no smashing together required), and includes a ratcheting system to connect the hammock to three trees. It's a bit heavy for backpackers but great for lounging. $150, tentsile.com

This article appeared in the July/August 2017 edition with the headline, "The Swing of Things."