Trump's Attacks on the Environment Keep Losing in Court

Yes, the EPA really does want to bring back asbestos

By Paul Rauber

November 4, 2018

Trump Watch

 President Donald Trump attempts to roll back the Obama-era Clean Power Plan. The EPA admits that the move will increase air pollution and kill 1,400 people each year.

The EPA proposes weakening federal pollution standards for cars and trucks and taking away California's ability to enforce its own, stricter rules.

The Sierra Club's Environmental Law Program and allied groups achieve a raft of legal victories. These include beating back approval of the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline, ending the EPA's delay of safety regulations at dangerous chemical plants, stopping the delay of the Clean Water Rule, and requiring safeguards for coal-ash dumps.

A federal judge orders the EPA to ban the heavily used farm chemical chlorpyrifos and reprimands the agency for not doing so sooner.

The EPA will allow the use of asbestos in U.S. manufacturing. The Russian company Uralasbest puts Trump's face on bags of its product: "Donald is on our side!" says a company Facebook post.

Despite earlier assurances from acting EPA administrator Andrew Wheeler that he didn't "think it was appropriate" to meet with clients on whose behalf he had lobbied, he has done so on at least three occasions.

The Bureau of Land Management will no longer require oil and gas companies, mine operators, and other industries to pay compensation for the damage their activities do to public lands.

Government funding for research on climate change is being held up by a review process overseen by a former high school football teammate of Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke.

This article appeared in the November/December 2018 edition with the headline "Trump Watch: Spanked in Court."

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