Cool Schools 2020 Full Ranking

The complete list of Sierra's 2020 Cool Schools participants

September 27, 2020

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Total scores and rankings for all schools that participated.

University of California, Irvine189.95
Stanford University289.86
Thompson Rivers University389.63
Arizona State University489.31
University of California, Merced586.64
State University of New York, College of Environmental Science and Forestry685.21
Colorado State University784.68
University of Connecticut884.68
University of New Hampshire984.30
Colby College1083.62
Universite Laval1183.20
Cornell University1282.14
University of California, Berkeley1381.47
Dickinson College1480.67
University of Massachusetts, Amherst1580.04
University of Massachusetts, Lowell1680.04
Chatham University1780.01
University of California, Davis1879.61
Santa Clara University1979.45
Seattle University2079.41
University of California, Santa Cruz2179.28
College of the Atlantic2278.86
University of Calgary2377.63
Oregon State University2477.51
Lewis & Clark College2577.19
University of Dayton2677.12
Loyola University Chicago2776.76
Middlebury College2875.99
University of California, Santa Barbara2974.65
Loyola Marymount University3074.47
University of Colorado, Colorado Springs3174.46
Northland College3274.31
California State University, Northridge3373.68
Colgate University3473.31
University of Vermont3573.24
Bentley University3673.20
Portland State University3772.91
Simon Fraser University3872.76
University of San Diego3972.46
University of Maryland, College Park4072.08
California State University, Chico4172.00
Appalachian State University4271.94
Oberlin College4371.94
Florida Gulf Coast University4471.31
University of Oregon4571.16
University of Minnesota, Morris4670.99
University of Ontario Institute of Technology4770.96
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign4870.92
American University4970.86
San Jose State University5070.55
University of Missouri5170.44
George Mason University5270.28
Furman University5370.19
Humber College5470.17
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill5570.16
Luther College5669.92
Iowa State University5769.85
Bowdoin College5869.81
Nova Scotia Community College5969.67
University of Wisconsin–Stevens Point6069.65
University at Buffalo6169.44
Grand Valley State University6269.28
Texas A&M University6369.25
George Washington University6469.20
Carnegie Mellon University6569.06
Rice University6668.74
Bates College6768.73
Michigan State University6868.63
California Polytechnic State University6968.63
University at Albany7068.12
Miami University7168.10
University of Manitoba7267.96
Dalhousie University7367.62
Virginia Tech7467.40
Muhlenberg College7567.30
State University of New York at Cortland7667.30
Colorado College7767.22
University of Cincinnati7867.19
Emory University7967.16
The American College of Greece8066.98
University of Michigan8166.85
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee8266.77
Unity College8366.63
Warren Wilson College8466.56
Vassar College8566.51
University of Houston8666.48
The Ohio State University8766.42
New York University8866.41
University of California, San Diego8966.34
Ithaca College9066.30
Humboldt State University9166.25
Bard College9266.23
Smith College9366.08
Emerson College9466.07
Pennsylvania State University9566.00
University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh9665.89
University of Louisville9765.79
Stevens Institute of Technology9865.77
Wilfrid Laurier University9965.77
Wells College10065.67
Polytechnique Montreal10165.65
Indiana University, Bloomington10265.65
Northwestern University10365.50
Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis10465.40
University of Arizona10565.33
University of Miami10665.28
Binghamton University10765.21
Washington University in St. Louis10865.16
University of South Florida10965.01
University of Georgia11064.82
Hampshire College11164.80
Denison University11264.77
University of Wisconsin–River Falls11364.76
California State University, Channel Islands11464.61
Macalester College11564.61
Babson College11664.49
Fanshawe College11764.48
Belmont University11864.47
Wellesley College11964.44
The University of Texas at Dallas12064.40
University of Richmond12164.33
Bucknell University12264.25
University of Texas at Austin12364.05
University of California, Los Angeles12463.93
Concordia University12563.76
Endicott College12663.71
Berea College12763.69
University of Pennsylvania12863.69
University of Arkansas12963.69
Clarkson University13063.55
Worcester Polytechnic Institute13163.43
Saint Mary's College of California13263.33
University of Minnesota, Duluth13363.14
Fleming College13463.12
Columbia University13563.03
University of Texas Rio Grande Valley13662.85
Massachusetts Institute of Technology13762.63
Portland Community College13862.45
Swarthmore College13961.94
University of Nebraska-Lincoln14061.54
Western Washington University14161.50
Ohio University14261.43
Raritan Valley Community College14361.33
Hobart and William Smith Colleges14461.32
Aquinas College14561.05
Tufts University14660.94
Rochester Institute of Technology14760.72
Carleton College14860.66
University of Notre Dame14960.58
Yale University15060.34
University of Winnipeg15160.10
Western Michigan University15260.02
San Francisco State University15359.81
Wesleyan University15459.77
Central Community College15559.61
Lehigh University15659.52
University of Ottawa15759.51
Case Western Reserve University15859.23
University of Idaho15959.21
University of Utah16059.16
North Seattle College16159.07
Virginia Commonwealth University16258.93
Saint Michael's College16358.66
Goshen College16458.62
Champlain College16558.57
Syracuse University16658.33
University of Iowa16758.31
Mount Royal University16858.05
Montana State University16957.92
Missouri State University17057.30
Central New Mexico Community College17157.24
California State University, Fullerton17257.21
State University of New York at New Paltz17357.14
Hope College17456.80
Pacific University17556.78
Washington and Lee University17656.77
Elon University17756.70
University of Tennessee at Knoxville17856.46
University of Saskatchewan17956.45
Slippery Rock University18056.23
Southern Oregon University18156.12
Utah State University18255.71
Sheridan College (Ontario)18355.55
University of North Carolina, Greensboro18455.46
University of Maryland, Baltimore County18555.43
Haverford College18655.34
Barnard College18754.89
San Diego State University18854.77
University of Wisconsin-Platteville18954.65
Whitman College19054.45
Saint Joseph's College-ME19154.38
University of Nebraska at Omaha19254.29
University of Maine19354.16
Oklahoma State University19454.11
California State University, Monterey Bay19553.95
South Dakota State University19653.70
Keene State College19753.68
Delta College19853.54
University of Alabama at Birmingham19953.21
Clemson University20053.20
Boston University20153.15
Sewanee - The University of the South20253.12
University of Wisconsin-Madison20352.79
University of Wisconsin-Whitewater20452.76
University of Illinois at Chicago20552.60
Tennessee Technological University20652.49
East Carolina University20752.32
Calvin University20852.31
Southern Illinois University Carbondale20952.11
West Chester University of Pennsylvania21052.01
Williams College21151.92
California State University, Los Angeles21251.89
Lafayette College21351.74
Western Technical College21451.68
University of Rochester21551.67
Ball State University21651.65
St. Lawrence University21751.40
College of Charleston21851.24
Bryant University21951.19
Mills College22051.06
The New School22151.05
Eastern Mennonite University22250.85
Pitzer College22350.65
Weber State University22450.63
University of Pittsburgh22550.12
Lawrence University22649.71
Central Michigan University22749.71
Temple University22849.69
Antioch College22949.69
Soka University of America23049.64
College of Lake County23149.25
Selkirk College23249.20
Harvey Mudd College23349.20
University of Kentucky23449.17
Baldwin Wallace University23549.10
Villanova University23649.04
Connecticut College23749.01
University of St. Thomas23848.91
Johnson County Community College23948.89
Pratt Institute24048.86
Claremont McKenna College24148.81
California State University, San Marcos24248.60
Eastern Connecticut State University24348.44
Radford University24448.43
California State University, Bakersfield24548.42
Cleveland State University24648.22
The Ohio State University at Newark24748.21
The Ohio State University at Marion24848.19
Florida International University24948.13
Beloit College25048.12
Western Kentucky University25148.12
University of Mount Union25247.94
Indiana State University25347.85
Northern Michigan University25447.56
Western Colorado University25547.41
Black Hills State University25647.29
State University of New York at Brockport25747.20
The Ohio State University at Mansfield25846.54
Purchase College–State University of New York25946.17
Amherst College26046.15
Louisiana State University26145.97
Westminster College-Utah26245.94
California State University, Long Beach26345.16
Knox College26445.13
University of West Georgia26544.80
University of Waterloo26644.78
Durham College26744.68
Earlham College26844.65
Illinois State University26944.35
The Ohio State University at Lima27044.23
Lebanon Valley College27144.23
State University of New York at Geneseo27243.91
California State Polytechnic University, Pomona27343.67
University of Montana27443.51
South Seattle College27543.09
Duquesne University27642.77
University of Wisconsin–Green Bay27742.76
State University of New York at Oneonta27842.56
Gonzaga University27942.09
Creighton University28041.20
Seattle Central College28140.86
Chandler-Gilbert Community College28240.38
Eastern Kentucky University28340.06
University of Delaware28439.79
State University of New York at Fredonia28539.61
California State University, Dominguez Hills28639.11
Texas Tech University28738.28
Texas State University, San Marcos28837.76
Concordia College-Moorhead28937.47
Southwestern University29037.30
Cascadia College29136.39
Butler University29235.86
St. Lawrence College29335.30
University of Mississippi29435.09
Saint Louis University29535.06
Eureka College29634.99
University of New Haven29734.67
Austin College29834.40
Central Washington University29934.10
Metropolitan Community College30033.84
University of Montevallo30133.39
Susquehanna University30233.03
Lewis University30332.55
Whatcom Community College30431.47
Paul Smith's College of Arts & Sciences30531.34
Houghton College30631.31
Georgia College & State University30731.03
Messiah College30831.02
Illinois Institute of Technology30929.02
Siena Heights University31027.67
State University of New York at Potsdam31123.27
University of North Georgia31223.13