ICYMI: Guardian Clams of Warsaw, Five New Hedgehogs, Hot Today & Hotter Tomorrow

Environmental news of the week for busy people

Illustration by Peter Arkle

By Paul Rauber

Illustrations by Peter Arkle

January 5, 2024

Eight clams are in charge of monitoring the water quality of Warsaw, Poland. The clams close up when they detect toxic substances, automatically shutting down the city’s water supply.

Paris plans to triple parking fees for SUVs. 

Elon Musk’s Hyperloop, which promised high-speed transit through underground tubes, shuts down.

Hedge funds are buying up and shuttering Greyhound and other private bus terminals across the country. 

Vineyard Wind, the United States’ first large-scale offshore wind farm, begins producing power

A judge orders the removal of an 84-turbine wind farm in Oklahoma because its construction is deemed to have violated the mineral rights of the Osage Nation. 

Sweden is making wind turbines out of wood.

The Biden administration wants to end commercial logging of old-growth trees in national forests. 

A Pennsylvania Bitcoin miner wants to power its plant operation by burning tires. Local officials in Youngstown, Ohio, manage to block a similar tire-burning plant there. 

Developers of a “direct-air capture” carbon-removal plant proposed for Wyoming want to power it with modular nuclear reactors that have never been used in the US. 

California is killing its rooftop-solar industry

Pakistan seeks to address extreme air pollution in the capital city of Lahore by seeding clouds to produce artificial rain

The IUCN says that one-third of all tree species are threatened with extinction. 

Five new species of soft-furred hedgehog are discovered. 

2023 was the hottest year ever. 2024 is likely to be hotter