ICYMI: Daddy Dearest, Killer Kitties, Kitty Killers & Three Nukes Shut, Another Nuke Opens

A weekly roundup for busy people

By Paul Rauber

Illustrations by Peter Arkle

April 21, 2023

Daddy Dearest, Killer Kitties and Kitty Killers & Three Nukes Shut, Another Nuke Opens

A 31-year-old male eagle in a bird sanctuary in Valley Park, Missouri, who tried to incubate a rock gets to father an orphaned eaglet.

Hawai’i wildlife officials cite two people for harming endangered nene—Hawai’i’s indigenous geese—by feeding feral cats at a Big Island shopping center parking lot.

After complaints from animal welfare organizations, New Zealand scraps a planned feral-cat-killing contest for children.

Following the total closure of California’s salmon fishery, crabbing is shut down early to avoid whale entanglements.

More than half of North America’s 154 bat species are “at risk of severe population decline” in the next 15 years due to climate change.

After traveling 1,200 miles from Switzerland to Hungary, wolf M237 is shot by a hunter.

The Biden administration okays a $39 billion project to export liquefied natural gas from Alaska to Asia.

ExxonMobil says that it has no interest in drilling for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Ukraine says Shell should donate more than $1 billion in “blood money” from the sale of its assets in Russia to help rebuild Ukraine.

Biden donates $1 billion to the United Nations’ Green Climate Fund to bring down greenhouse emissions in developing nations. 

Germany shuts down its last three nuclear power plants.

Finland opens a nuclear plant after a 14-year delay. It is the first new reactor in Europe in 15 years, also the continent’s most powerful.

House Republicans want to trade raising the debt ceiling for the repeal of President Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act.

An autopsy reveals that Manuel Paez Terán, the young climate activist who was killed by police at the “Cop City” protest in Atlanta, Georgia, died from at least 57 gunshot wounds. Contrary to police allegations, there is no evidence that Terán fired a gun.

Researchers find that US methane emissions from the oil and gas industry are actually 70 percent higher than estimated by the EPA.

A federal appeals court throws out Berkeley, California’s ban on gas hookups in new construction.

Opposition from the Burning Man Project scuttles a geothermal energy project in the Nevada desert near the site of the annual festival.

Forty percent of meat samples from Spanish supermarkets were found to harbor multidrug-resistant E. coli bacteria.  

Ghana approves an experimental malaria vaccine for children. Worldwide, nearly half a million children under five died of the disease in 2021.