Exploratory Drilling Update

In November, the BLM announced there will be an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for Mojave Precious Metal’s Phase II gold exploration project at Conglomerate Mesa instead of a less in-depth Environmental Assessment report. The proposed Phase II project would involve drilling at 30 locations with new roads to those sites. The EIS may be released in the spring. We’ll let you know when it is time to comment.

In December, the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest approved the Sawtooth Ridge gold exploration project as a categorical exclusion despite the removal of over 700 healthy, mature, pinyon trees.  There will be drilling at three locations on the east side of the Bodie Hills this coming summer/fall:

  • Headwater Gold at Spring Peak
  • Hecla Nevada at Sawtooth Ridge
  • Paramount Gold Nevada at Bald Peak

Paramount Gold Nevada is excited about the gold potential at Bald Peak site because they are near the historic and productive Aurora mining district and Headwater Gold is reporting good results from their drilling that finished up in December (2022).

There has been no decision from the judge yet on KORE Mining's Hot Creek Mine project as to whether the USFS needs to require an Environmental Assessment report from KORE Mining. The Forest Service approved the project as a Categorical Exclusion, a “scope and go”.

Conglomerate Mesa
Sawtooth Ridge
Conglomerate Mesa   Sawtooth Ridge