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Archived eNewsletters:

October 2023
Island  in the Sky Film Screening, Presentation on the Proposed Amargosa Basin National Monument, update on exploratory drilling projects, Fish Slough

July 2023
LADWP's pumping plan, the BLM rule, exploratory drilling updates, Pinyon Jay survey, communication volunteers needed, and more!

April 2023
Categorical exclusion appeal, Earth Day, large scale solar, cyanide ban, and more!

February 2023 
Tracking CO2 emissions, Harms of exploratory drilling webinar, Remembering Phil Pister, BHCP, BLM Solar PEIS, and Owens Valley vegetation types.

January 2023 
Mammoth redevelopment, 30x30 priorities, hydroelectric/solar/wind projects, exploratory drilling, monarch butterflies, and more!

2022 eNewsletters

November 2022
ExCom Elections, Nordic Ski Routes, Exploratory Drilling Updates, CA Renewable Energy Site Planning

October 2022
Relevant Sierra Club Endorsements

September 2022
Line Up of Sept/Oct Events, Exploratory Drilling Updates, Every Last Drop

August 2022
Pizza in the Park, Great Sierra River Cleanup, Highway Cleanup, Mining at Hot Creek and Bodie Hills, Peak Registers, and more!

July 2022
Events Roundup, Sage-Grouse Decline, 5 Drilling Projects, 30x30, and more!

May 2022
Event Roundup, Order 1330, Grazing Allotments, LADWP Pumping Plans and Mitigation Projects, Drilling, and more!

April 2022
Events Roundup, Mining Conglomerate Mesa and Hot Creek, Mono Lake Water Level, Owen Maloy, and more!

February 2022
Mining Hot Creek, 30x30, Groundwater Sustainability, Fish Slough, Bridgeport Southwest Rangeland, and more!

2021 eNewsletters

November 2021
Mining Hot Creek, 395 Cleanup, LADWP Pumping Deeper, Every Last Drop, and Pine Creek Hydro-Electric Project

September 2021
Volunteer Overview, Camp High Sierra Sacrifice, Duck Pass Hike, and 395 Cleanup

August 2021
Event Roundup, Kore Mining, 30x30, Kutzadika's Tribe, Conglomerate Mesa, and LADWP Mitigation Projects

June 2021
Follow us on Instagram and Twitter, 30x30, Drilling Hot Creek, Volunteer Opportunities, Less Water for Sage-Grouse, Drilling Conglomerate Mesa, and much more!

April 2021
Events Roundup, Mining Conglomerate Mesa and Hot Creek, More Water for Mono Lake, and more!

February 2021
Long Valley on CBS, 30x30, OHVs on Death Valley Road, Wild Horses and Burros, Declining Riverine Ecosystem, Dispersed Camping Forum, and much more!

2020 eNewsletters

December 2020
Executive Committee Elections, Keep Long Valley Green, Solitude Canyon, Road Easement, Monarch Butterly Count, 30x30, Antelope Ground Squirrels, Drilling Spring Peak and Conglomerate Mesa, and much more!

October 2020
New Newsletter and Website, Ready for 100% Renewable Energy, Tioga Inn, Kris Hohag Replace Fran Hunt, Conglomerate Mesa, Drilling Hot Creek, and Tangle Free Waters

May 2020
Woolly's Adventure Summit Expansion, Tioga Inn Project, Mono Basin Earthquakes, and Executive Committee

March 2020
Outings and Events Roundup, Take Action, Conservation, and Executive Committee

February 2020
Outings and Events Roundup, Take Action, Conservation, and Executive Committee

January 2020
Outings and Events Roundup, Take Action, Conservation, Green Life, and Executive Committee

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