Santa Cruz Group Committees

The Executive Committee

The ExComm (executive committee) is the body which is responsible for managing the activities of the Santa Cruz Group of the Ventana Chapter.  We develop local policies (subject to those that exist at the National, State, and Chapter level), provide guidelines, manage local staff, develop fundraising plans, and in general ensure that the Group operates for the benefit of the National Club, Chapter, and the local environment.


Mike Guth (elected for 2022-2024 term)
mguth AT

Vice Chair
Steve Bakaley (elected for 2024-2026 term)
slbakaley AT (preferred method of contact)

Jim Danaher
danaher AT

Mary Odegaard (appointed)
marytodegaard AT

Trician Comings (appointed)
triciansc1 AT

Other Members

Jerry Busch (elected for 2023-2025 term)
jerrybbusch AT

Iwalani Faulkner (elected for the 2023-2025 term)
equitytransitsantacruz AT

Micah Posner (elected for the 2023-2025 term)
micahposner AT

Ethan Quaranta (elected for the 2024-2026 term)
ethan.quaranta  AT

Kristen Sandel (elected for 2024-2026 term)
krsandel AT


The Climate Committee

The Climate Committee promotes and employs State and local Sierra Club Climate Change policies to help build a fossil-free, sustainable future for California. 

Committee Chair: Magi Amma
magi AT


The Conservation Committee

The Conservation Committee, the only committee required by the National Sierra Club by-laws, meets monthly and makes recommendations on environmental issues of concern to the Executive Committee.  We welcome your participation!

Committee Chair: Mike Guth
mguth AT


The Transportation Committee 

Our local Sierra Club Transportation Committee advocates for sustainable transportation options, including bicycle, pedestrian, and public transit improvements, and opposes large scale expansions for automobiles, with greenhouse emissions in mind. The Transportation Committee makes recommendations on transportation issues of concern to the Executive Committee.

We support keeping the public transit option on the rail-trail corridor and are excited about the 2018 start of construction of rail-trail segments (bike-ped trail) on the S.C. west side and in Watsonville.

Committee Chair: Rick Longinotti
longinotti at


The Political Committee

Our task is to evaluate all local elections whether candidates or issues, and make a determination if we will attempt to make any endorsements.  The Sierra Club endorsement is highly regarded to voters and carries a lot of weight so we take our job seriously.

Committee Chair: Micah Posner (elected for the 2020-2022 term)
micahposner AT


Outreach and Events Committee

We inform the public about environmental issues as well as sharing travel stories to beautiful, natural places.

Committee Chair: Open

Outings Chair: Steve Bakaley
slbakaley AT (preferred method of contact)