The Climate Crisis

A child sits on their parent's shoulders and smiles at the camera, while behind them is a large group of people attending a rally

Climate change is affecting our region more everyday and will continue for generations to come. But there is still time to act to avoid the most harmful effects of climate change and build a sustainable way of life for the New River Valley and the world. The New River Valley Group of the Sierra Club is a member of the New River Valley Climate Collaborative (NRVCC), a non-partisan group of conservation organizations from the region with the goal of addressing the climate crisis. We work with the NRVCC to keep the dialogue open between citizens, local governments, higher education, and industry. Our goal is to find progressive solutions for our community to be more climate resilient.

Climate Strike 

We support student groups at the university and high school levels in their climate strike actions. We encourage members to make their support for climate action known. If you are part of a local school group, please reach out and let us know how we can support your actions. Find local climate strike events here:

Stop the Money Pipeline

Funding of fossil fuel extraction, oil and gas pipelines, and fossil fuel infrastructure is funded by some of the largest banks in the world. Your deposits are used to invest in these environmentally damaging actions. Let the banks know that we do not support fossil fuels. Divest now! Read our Letter to the Editor of the Roanoke Times about our Earth Week action. Visit and to learn more and act. 



Stopping the Mountain Valley Pipeline

The Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP) is a 300-mile pipeline being built to move fracked gas from Appalachia to Virginia for distribution. We unequivically oppose the MVP because it threatens our ability to rapidly address climate change by contributing to more fossil fuels emissions. The constructon of the pipeline has violated the rights of landowners, deforested a swath of the eastern deciduous forest, threatend species, polluted streams, and disproportionately impacted communities without the resources to fight fossil fuel companies. For an overview of the MVP and the most up-to-date news, check out the POWHR website.

We work in collaboration with many great local and regional organizations to fight the Mountain Valley Pipeline.

Allies in the Fight

Protect Our Water, Heritage, and Rights (POWHR) - 

Preserve Giles County - 

Preserve Montgomery County, VA -

And many more! Check out the POWHR website for the broader coalition.

News on the MVP

Mountain Valley Pipeline's 'uphill climb' gets a little easier from the Roanoke Times