News Articles and other Resources

Spring 2023

Resources about the campaign against the Mountain Valley Pipeline

Protect Our Water,  Heritage, and Rights:

People vs Fossil Fuels: DC protest September 8:

Appalachian Voices:

Spring 2020

Roanoke Times Letter to the Editor - Dirty Money - our letter to the editor detailing our local Stop the Money Pipeline campaign protesting Wells Fargo's funding of fossil fuels

Earth Day Action 2020 - spend the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, April 22, protesting climate change from the security of your own home 

Time to Divest - essay on Wells Fargo’s belated and woefully inadequate “commitment” to sustainability

Roanoke Times Commentary - Divest or Be Divested - read NRVSC chair Rick Shingles letter about divesting from fossil fuels with a focus on Wells Fargo

Summer 2020

Dominion takes financial hit as company jettisons pipeline and gas transmission business - the Atlantic Coastal Pipeline is stopped!

Mountain Valley Pipeline's 'uphill climb' gets a little easier - an update on the MVP following the end of the Atlantical Coastal Pipeline and decisions at the US Supreme Court

Liberal, progressive — and racist? The Sierra Club faces its white-supremacist history - confronting the racist history of the Sierra Club (a must read)

Mountain Valley to receive new permit to cross Blue Ridge Parkway - the latest on the MVP as of July 28th, 2020

Fall 2020

How Climate Migration Will Reshape America - Climate change is radically altering the meaning and import of conservation, environmentalism and environmental justice from the New York Times