About Us

Sierra Club’s North Olympic Group has been around for a short time—since 2010—but we have been a tireless advocate for protecting our environment and its unique natural treasures. With over 1,370 members who share our vision, we have:

  • Advocated for and were successful in lobbying the legislature to fund improved air monitoring networks in Clallam and Jefferson Counties. Previously, each county lacked networks that could adequately characterize air quality for assessing public health risks.

  • Established an outdoor events program that has led over a hundred individuals into the Olympic wilderness to build public support for its protection and preservation.

  • Sponsored numerous events supporting the Wild Olympics campaign to protect the Peninsula’s wild and scenic rivers and its old growth forests and played a key role in getting our Congressional delegation to reintroduce legislation to this end.

  • Raised concerns about the Navy’s failure to follow legal requirements in expanding its weapons testing and training in protected marine waters, public wilderness, and communities across our area.

  • Helped foster the development of the next generation of environmental leaders by creating a youth internship program to provide scholarships in partnership with other Olympic Peninsula environmental and nature programs.

  • Monitored and advocated for the complete cleanup of industrial toxic wastes in Port Angeles harbor.

  • Hosted numerous public outreach programs to educate individuals on the risks posed by the application of sewage sludge to farms, forests, and home gardens.

  • Opposed the indiscriminate use of pesticides to control weeds along our roadways.

  • Successfully supported numerous candidates for public office who share our love and passion for protecting the Olympic Peninsula’s priceless natural treasures.

  • Monitored DNR timber sales and USFS management of our public forests to ensure the protection of vital habitat and endangered species.

  • Participated in both the Puget Sound Rockfish Conservation Plan to restore Washington's groundfish populations to sustainable and fishable levels and in the Rockfish Work Group at NOAA to help formulate the Rockfish Recovery Plan due out in 2016. A network of Marine Reserves are at the heart of this recovery plan.

  • Participated in the Puget Sound Hatchery Review Advisory Group to realign hatchery programs from a production purpose to a conservation purpose to restore salmon fish populations in most of Washington's rivers.

  • Created and hosted several workshops to further knowledge about biochar and its role in climate mitigation, soil improvement, and renewable energy.