The Loantaka Group covers Morris and Union Counties (except for Elizabeth and Hillside), plus Livingston, Millburn, Roseland, Bernardsville, and Basking Ridge.

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE MEETINGS: are held on the FIRST TUESDAY of the month at 7:30 pm at Library of the Chathams, 214 Main St, Chatham. All members are welcome at Executive Committee meetings. Right now, we have open positions on it! If you would like to find out more, please contact Paul Sanderson.

GENERAL MEETINGS: are held on the SECOND WEDNESDAY of the month at 7:30 pm at the Library of the Chathams, 214 Main St, Chatham.  Come learn something new and make some new friends. We’d welcome the chance to meet you and to introduce ourselves. Please see the schedule, below, and join us!

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Annual On-Line Auction - First Round Bidding Results!!


Thanks for all the bids received!  We will barely recover some of our

recent expenses, so we need all little more auction action.

 (Remember, just to use the Chatham Library is $250 per year )

 Here is what we have registered so far:

 Item#1 -  As usual, Cindy of the North Jersey Dog Grooming School

              pulls off her canine shampooing gloves when I show up 

              every summer and writes out a $100 Gift Certificate

              Cindy has supported all of our auctions from the first one

              in 2005 -  11 Roosevelt Ave, Chatham   973-635-0101

                           BID RECEIVED:  $60

Item#2    Blue Ridge Mountain Sports offers again Gift Cards

              worth $25 each      BID RECEIVED:  $25

 Item#3   Same as above -  Owner Jason Hendrick never lets us down!

               BID RECEIVED: $11  (that's highway robbery!)


 Item#4 -  The New Jersey Festival Orchestra, formerly the Westfield 

              Symphony, also crosses the eleven year line with two tickets

              worth $120 (Adult section, B ) for any concert in the 2015-2016 


               NO BIDS RECEIVED  (no way !)

 The next batch of donors have helped us in the past:

 Item#5   Village Hardware in Chatham steps up to the plate for us (again)

             with a $50 Gift Certificate 223 Main Street  -   (973) 635-2378

                      (Authorized Benjamin Moore paint dealer, and more)

                        BID RECEIVED: $26

 Item#6  Winberie's Restaurant & Bar, 2nd year participating with us

                  GC for Brunch for two  - 2 Kent Place Blvd, Summit NJ


                            BID RECEIVED:  $75

 Item#7  Charley's Aunt Chatham offers another dinner for 2 in 

             recognition of our Excom, who goes there after every

             monthly meeting.

                      BID RECEIVED:  $12

             Highly recommend by Paul, Eric, Scott, & Clea

 Item#8  Aida's Cozy Kitchen, $20 GC , their 3nd donation

             Try her Lebanese Cole Slaw !  233 Main Street 973-635-8949

                   BID RECEIVED:  $50

 Item#9 Chatham Sports Shop $25 GC,  third annual donation

              257 Main Street, 973-635-3595 BID RECEIVED:  $14

 Item#10   Chatham Sandwich Shop, $20 GC, 4rd Year!

              253 Main Street, 973-635-9852 BID RECEIVED:  $12

              The owner is one of us, he fought a toxic dump in his neighborhood

Item#11   F. Gerald New Jewelry Store, $25 GC3rd year in a row BID RECEIVED:  $20

              Chatham and Harding stores    

 Item#12   Cafe Beethoven,  $35 GC BID RECEIVED:  $75   (WOW!)

                A delightful pastry and coffee shop

 The Morris Museum re-joins our list of donors by offering:

 Item#13   One Family Pass BID RECEIVED:  $35


 Item#14   Two tickets to the Bickford Theatre BID RECEIVED:  $90

                             The Morris Museum

                            6 Normandy Heights Road

                            Morristown, NJ 07960




                 (and they each donated a second time ! )
    Three owners of small boutiques who did not bat a lovely eyelash
           when the Sierra Club requested a donation this year as well !

 Item#15     Bliss Clothes & Accessories, $25 GC BID RECEIVED:  $13

                  9 South Passaic Ave., Chatham

 Item#16      Quartet Home Decor & More, $25 GC BID RECEIVED:  $16

                  next door to Bliss

 Item#18       Salon Athena,   $60 GC Two BIDS RECEIVED:  $30 each (Tie breaker needed)

                   234 Main Street Chatham
               (Look your best for the next Chapter Excom!)

Item#19      A Sierra Club loving lady named Stephanie of   

                   a boutique called Athleta offered several items:    BID RECEIVED:  $50               

                   1) An exercise mat, color - bright lavender, valued at $15

                   2) An insulated water bottle worth $10

                    3) A Gift Certificate worth $50  ( ! ! ! ! )

                    Check out this cool lady's digs:      

                      at 30 West Park Pl, right across from the Morristown Green

OK, send your rebids to by Oct. 11th

I will announce the winning bids by Oct, 13th

If you are a winner, you can pick up your prize at our 

General Meeting on Oct. 14th when Dr. Paul Croft

of Kean University talks to us about Climate Change

and El Nino.

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