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Your Membership record - how to submit changes

To reduce duplicate records that may each have partial and different information, please Include all information you have such as your member number (7 or 8 digits), your name(s) that we use, your address, phone number, and email address. Member records are managed by national club staff in California.

Contact the Washington State Chapter and the Northwest Regional Staff:

180 Nickerson St, Suite 202, Seattle, WA 98109
Phone: 206-378-0114
Fax: 206-378-0034

The Washington State Chapter (previously the "Cascade" Chapter) is led by volunteer leaders elected by Sierra Club members who live in Washington.  The State Chapter and local Groups work on statewide and local issues with a small paid staff in the Seattle office.

The Northwest Regional Staff are employees who are directed by the National Sierra Club. They are located in Seattle and Spokane and work on national issues in our region with the help of volunteers.

Washington State Chapter contacts:

Committee leaders contacts are on these pages:  Support Committees Issue Committees, Outings Committee.

Local groups contacts are on the Groups pages.

The Crest newsletter is published and mailed quarterly and is available online.

Northwest Regional Staff in Seattle (206-378-0114)

Ext.   Name, Position

307   Bill Arthur, Deputy Regional Campaign Manager Beyond Coal *

309   Ben Avery, Associate Director, Chapter Fundraising *

308   Robin Everett, Lead Organizer, Coal Exports and Coal Free PSE *

321   Izzy Goodman, Artic Organizer, Our Wild

325   Marc Heileson, Sr. Organizing Manager *

304   Doug Howell, Sr. Campaign Representative, Beyond Coal Campaign *

328   Jessica Koski, Coal Exports and Coal Free PSE *

320   Victoria Leistman, Associate Organizer * Our Wild America *

311   Dan Ritzman, Regional Director, Our Wild America *

Spokane Office: 35 W. Main Ave., Suite 225, Spokane, WA 99201 * 509-209-2395
Jace Bylenga * Organizer, Coal Exports and Coal Free Avista *

Seattle Inspiring Connections Outdoors (ICO) , (formerly Inner City Outings) 117 E. Louisa St., No 315 Seattle, WA 98102