Executive Committee

About the Washington State Chapter

The Washington State Chapter is now one of 64 Sierra Club chapters across the country. The Chapter is governed by an Executive Committee (ExCom) made up of volunteer leaders from across the state that helps provide strategic direction and organizational support. The ExCom is comprised of one representative from each local Sierra Club Group in Washington State, nine at-large members elected statewide from the general membership, and up to four additional members appointed by the ExCom. 

Interested in joining the Executive Committee?
Learn about 2022 ExCom elections here.

Meetings are usually held the 4th Wednesday every month. Check the Chapter online calendar for details. (To search for ExCom meetings on the calendar, see instructions below.) All meetings are open to the general membership of the Sierra Club. The Chapter Chair may be contacted at info@washington.sierraclub.org

To search for Washington State Chapter ExCom meetings on the Calendar:

  1. Choose "Show Search Options" at the top of the Calendar
  2. Choose "Washington State Chapter" from the Sponsoring Entity dropdown
  3. In the space for "Word or phrase to search for, enter "Washington State Chapter ExCom Meeting"
  4. Then click on button that says "Filter Activities"

Executive Committee

 Elected and Appointed Members

Group Representatives: