Black History Month -Alabama Sierra Club's Joi Travis

This Black History Month, join us in celebrating the trailblazers at the intersection of racial and environmental justice. Today, we spotlight Joi Travis, a remarkable leader whose dedication to environmental activism shines brightly within the Sierra Club and beyond. As one of the few BIPOC members and Alabama Chapter Chair, Joi is at the forefront of addressing the unique challenges faced by communities of color throughout the state. Joi's commitment extends beyond her role in the Sierra Club. She's deeply involved in various community organizations and has spearheaded initiatives in Alabama to unite Black environmental leaders. Together, they collaborate on pivotal issues impacting our communities, showcasing the power of collective action and solidarity. We are privileged to benefit from and bear witness to Joi’s inspiring journey and impactful work. She, alongside other Black leaders within the Sierra Club, is driving meaningful change and advancing the causes of social and environmental justice. This Black History Month, we honor the legacy of Black climate activists and the progress they've enabled. Let's celebrate Joi and the many other Black leaders who continue this legacy, inspiring us all to strive for a more just and sustainable world. Their efforts remind us of the critical role environmental justice plays in our collective fight for equity and inclusion.