Water Quality

Protecting Our Rivers and Waterways

  • We should work towards the closure and removal of coal ash ponds located near our water sources.
  • We should partner with other organizations such as, local river groups and Alabama Rivers Alliance to gain momentum.
  • We need to increase access to our water sources and recreation to grow compassion and concern for preservation.
  • We should implement more opportunities for water-testing training and locate funds to help with cost of chemicals.
  • We should focus on environmental education with stream walks, macroinvertebrate ecology, stream health, and other types of aquatic ecology.
  • We should work with fisherman and hunters to help protect waterways important to their sports.
  • We need to increase validity and access to water quality reporting for the general public.
  • We should educate and advocate for the protection of riparian barrier zones.

Waters of the U.S. from Southern Exposure on Vimeo.

From the Ash (2013) from Southern Environmental Law Cntr. on Vimeo.

Saving Shepherd Bend (2012) from Southern Environmental Law Cntr. on Vimeo.