Environmental Justice

At the Sierra Club, we are diligently working to explore the integration of social justice and environmental concerns. Our program seeks to provide an effective framework for addressing the damage, risk, and discrimination facing so many communities today.

  • We need to make diversifying our membership base a priority.
  • We should work with communities to enhance voices across the state.
  • We should engage with schools and universities to connect with communities and youth.
  • We should make our meetings, outings, and events more public-friendly, inclusive, and welcoming.
  • We should organize public meetings and communicate with local leaders.
  • We should make information on environmental issues accessible to all citizens and community members.
  • We should partner with communities and existing organizations to gain momentum.
  • We should integrate frontline communities into our policy work using stories and experiences to increase exposure and action.
  • We need to make our social media campaigns more inclusive and inviting by including more diverse images.