Clean Energy

Clean Energy Access

Despite the abundance of sunshine in the Southeast, solar energy is a vastly underutilized resource in Alabama, and the current state of politics makes it difficult for Alabama to catch up with the rest of the country for clean energy solutions. Why is Alabama dependent on traditional energy sources when there are cleaner, more cost-effective alternatives? Will Alabama move forward or stay behind?

Access to Clean Energy

  • We need to teach about energy efficiency and how to decrease energy consumption.
  • We should partner with groups such as, Alabama Rivers Alliance, Alabama Environmental Council, and our Waterkeepers to build momentum.
  • We need to develop non-partisan delivery methods and find common ground when sharing information about climate change.
  • We should consider examples, such as, Camp McDowell and other state’s initiatives towards renewable energy and relay the benefits to communities for adopting these sustainable practices.

State of Power (2013) from Southern Environmental Law Cntr. on Vimeo.

Good Housekeeping from Southern Exposure on Vimeo.