Navigating the Borderlands

An assemblage of photographs, images, videos, and a collectively written narrative of a trip through the borderlands. See storymap.

America's Wall

An investigation of the existing barriers along the U.S.-Mexico border. Read more.

Embattled Borderlands

The borderlands harbor some of North America’s rarest wild species and oldest human cultures. See storymap.

Up Against the Wall

The U.S.-Mexico borderlands contain some of the most biologically diverse ecosystems in either country. Read more.

The Wall

Every mile of the U.S.-Mexico border. See the interactive map.

500 Miles of Desert Species

BioBlitz’ records the Borderlands’ biodiversity. Read more.

Border Security and Accountability

Border security has become the most overused and least understood concept in Congress. See factsheet.

Wall Street's Border Wall

How 5 firms benefit financially from anti-immigrant policy. Read more.

Death, Damage, and Failure

Past, present, and future impacts of walls on the U.S.-Mexico border. Read the report.

The Environmental Cost of Trump's Border Wall

A look at the environmental cost if President Trump’s dream of a “great wall” along the U.S-Mexico border becomes a reality. Listen now.

Why we don't need Trump's 'great, great wall'

It's tough to find anyone living along the borderlands who thinks a wall is the solution. Read more.

New Border Walls Designed to Flood Texas Towns

The border wall poses unacceptable flooding risks to lives and property on both sides of the river. Read more.

Scientists say Trump's border wall would devastate wildlife habitat

At the U.S.-Mexico border, scientists say existing fencing is hurting endangered wildlife and warn that a continuous wall could devastate many species. Read more.

Surprising Lives of Those Living Along U.S.-Mexico Border

How to move beyond the threats and political one-liners about the U.S.-Mexico border? Visit it. Read more.


There’s a better alternative to building a border wall: restoring the Rio Grande

The U.S. and Mexico cooperate at multiple levels on issues that affect the border region, although you would not know it from the divisive rhetoric that we hear in both countries. Read more.

The environmental impact of the US-Mexico Border Wall

A line of 18-foot-tall steel posts placed four inches apart cuts like a scar across the Lower Rio Grande Valley National Wildlife Refuge near McAllen, Texas. Read more.

Why Trump’s wall won’t stretch ‘from sea to shining sea’

Trump’s pledge to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border has run into political and logistical problems. Read more.

The Founders would have opposed seizing land for Trump’s border wall

The history of eminent domain is not on the White House's side. Read more.