About Us

Welcome to the web pages of the Single-Use Plastic Plus Sub-Team of the Sierra Club’s National Zero Waste Team.  Our goal is to engage, communicate with, and support activists with a focus on single-use plastics issues while also engaging with efforts to reduce other single-use products such as disposable foodware accessories (napkins, condiment packs and utensils).  

These web pages include links to the Grassroots Network Single-Use Plastic Plus listserv and useful resources such as the Sierra Club Zero Waste policy, related guidance documents, single-use plastic legislative trackers, campaign materials, links to relevant AddUp campaigns and other resources such as the Sierra Club National Plastics webpage.  Because the National Zero Waste Team is authorized to speak on behalf of the Sierra Club on Zero Waste issues, including Single-Use Plastic Plus, we also inform the National Zero Waste Team’s positions on Single-Use Plastic issues such as reviewing relevant proposed federal legislation. 

We have a core team, report to the National Zero Waste Team, and are informed by the SC Zero Waste Policy and its related guidance documents. We also interface with related Sierra Teams on overlapping issues to ensure consistency of planning and actions across our myriad issues.

Core Team Members

Image of Susan Schorr wearing sunglasses and smiling Susan Schorr, Co-lead of Single-Use Plastic Plus Sub-Team, and Chair of Washington D.C. Chapter’s Zero Waste Committee's plastic subcommittee.
Image of Drew Martin wearing a Sierra Club hat Drew Martin, Co-lead of Single-Use Plastic Plus Sub-Team, and Conservation Chair of Loxahatchee Group representing Palm Beach, Martin and St. Lucie counties in Florida.
Image of Martha Ainsworth peeking through a cave Martha Ainsworth, Chair of Maryland Chapter's Zero Waste Team.
Image of Hoiyin Ip wearing sunglasses and smiling Hoiyin Ip, Co-Chair of California Zero Waste Committee.
Image of Clint Richmond wearing a Massachusetts Sierra Club shirt Clint Richmond, Executive Committee member of Massachusetts Chapter, and Issues Chair of Toxics and Solid Waste.
Image of Janet Stanko holding a paddle Janet Stanko, Lead of Florida Chapter Single-Use Plastics subgroup, member of the chapter political team and the Executive Committee of Tampa Bay group representing Hillsborough county.