Art Show 2019

Human/Nature art show 

The opening evening of our art show- Human/Nature, was on Thursday October 10, 6-8pm at the Indiana Interchurch Center Gallery. 

Our 2019 art show Human/Nature ran in October and November 2019. The Hoosier Chapter of the Sierra Club would like to thank everyone who participated, artists and visitors alike. 

Artists from all over Indiana and beyond exhibited work reflecting on our human relationship with the natural world. We have also produced a chapbook on the same theme. 

You can read and hear interviews with some of the artists, here

Human/Nature art show opening evening

On Thursday, 10 October we enjoyed the opening evening of our Human/Nature art show. Approximately 150 people attended and were treated to live music, belly dancing, poetry readings, food, and of course, many many wonderful works of art. Here are some photos from the opening event. 


(L) Art show organizer, Rebecca Dien-Johns of the Sierra Club Hoosier Chapter. (R) L-R artists Ginger Bievenour and Monica Cannaley, Tim from the Indiana Interchurch Center and Rebecca from Sierra Club, and artist Mark Warpenburg... together they hung 65 works of art from 44 artists.


(L) Musicians Jeremy Radway and Phil Reavis give a rendition of The Beatles song Mother Nature's Son (R) Poet Shannon Anderson reads her work from our Human/Nature chapbook.


Poets Carolyn Everett (L) and Lisa Devon (R) read their work from our Human/Nature chapbook.


(L) Jesse Kirkham of our Heartlands Group and friend (R) Belly dancer Jamila Ali performs in the IIC dining room.


 (L) Art lovers enjoy the work on show (R) Poet  Linda Neal Reising reads her work from our Human/Nature chapbook.

We are pleased to announce the participating artists:

LorieLee Andrews
Allen Bannister
Emily Bennett
Ginger Bievenour
Linda Brinsley
Monica Cannaley
Rochelle Cohen
Becky Crosbie
Donna Curry
Angela DeCamp
Kathryn Downey
Molly Dykstra
Eve Eggleston
Ricki Gibson
Vivian Gladden
Gant Haverstick
Addie Hirschten
James Hubbard
Substantia Jones
Rachel Kavathe
Sarah Kercheval
Kylie Kinkoph
Jean Kirkbride
Jon Knox
Adrian Lyons
Matthew Macklin
Bonnie Maurer
Mudge Morris
Lylanne Musselman
Larry North
Jill Olinger
Ryszard Panuszka
Monna Quinn
Ann Roche
Denise Rolland Troyer
Krystle Rouse
Michael Seltzer
Vicky Shaffer White
Natalie Tate
Betty Wagoner
Mark Warpenburg
Derek Wirth
Samantha Wright
Bonnie Zimmer

Artists were asked to reflect on:

How do we as humans interact with and impact nature, both positively and negatively?
How does the natural world affect us? 
Can spending time in nature help us heal? 
How has our relationship with the natural world changed?
Do we have a disconnect with nature, and has this been detrimental to our lives... and our planet? 
Where do we go from here?

Art show 2018

Our 2018 art show Environmental Justice in Indiana ran in May and June 2018. The Hoosier Chapter of the Sierra Club would like to thank everyone who participated, artists and visitors alike. You can find out about that show, read interviews with the artists, and see examples of their work, here. 

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Julie Rhodes from Reconnecting to Our Waterways admiring Justin Brown's Anthropogenic Tree of Life? at our 2018 exhibition, Environmental Justice in Indiana.