Advance Climate Solutions

Missourians demand a clean energy future!

The Missouri Sierra Club is dedicated to advancing climate solutions. We aim for a just, clean energy transition that moves beyond dirty coal and fossil fuels with major investments in renewable energy and our communities. Climate change represents a major threat to all Missourians—rising temperatures mean high risks of respiratory distress and flooding across our state. A hot summer day should not be a severe health risk, and we seek to reduce our state's impact upon, and vulnerability to, climate change. We believe in the power of people, and we use a combination of grassroots mobilization with our thousands of Missouri members working alongside Sierra Club policy experts and environmental attorneys to keep fossil fuels in the ground and create the future we deserve. 

We are campaigning to transition our state away from its reliance on coal. Despite Missouri being 18th in population, we import more coal than 47 other states. We must retire all dirty coal power plants and help communities and cities transition to clean energy, creating thousands of safe and good-paying jobs in the process. We will prioritize communities impacted by generations of systemic racism, resulting in high levels of pollution burden and energy burden for Black and Latino communities. We want to see change right here in Missouri, with a goal of retiring Ameren’s massibe Labadie coal plant, the second deadliest power plant in the nation, no later than 2030. We also advocate for the closure of Evergy's Hawthorn coal plant alongside its neighbors, who have called it a major threat to environmental justice.

To keep our air safe from pollution and to keep our communities out of harm's way, the Missouri Sierra Club believes that Ameren should install pollution controls on its dirtiest, most polluting plants. Use this petition to tell Ameren to come clean!

2019 Was a Big Year for Moving Beyond Coal | Sierra Club

St. Louis passed a commitment to renewable energy in 2017 with its Resolution 124, and now we must continue our advocacy to ensure that this incredible commitment is upheld. We aim to implement this goal using the “Pathways to 100% Clean Energy” Report and the billions of federal dollars available in the 2022 Inflation Reduction Act. We have fought for similar efforts across the state, with campaigns to invest big in solar in Kansas City, Springfield, and Columbia as well.

Wind farm

We aim to stop building new coal and oil infrastructure and keep fossil fuels in the ground. The Sierra Club takes on polluting corporations to protect our health, our climate, and the places we love from the reckless expansion of dirty, dangerous fossil fuels. To this end, we have created a hub of the most informative and city-centered plans that prioritize a just transition to clean energy and link them below for easy access. The three categories are Case Studies, Toolkits, and Research. These resources are available for anyone who works with friends and neighbors to make clean energy a priority in their city. No matter who you are, there is a place to make a difference in this movement.


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Communities across the state are working to implement climate solutions that make our bodies healthier, our communities more connected, and our futures brighter by transitioning away from dirty, expensive fossil fuels. As we face unprecedented threats to the people and the planet, communities are coming together to seize the moment to lead our nation towards a healthier, stronger future by committing to 100% clean, renewable energy for all. You can join them! We are stronger together. Join our distributed network of volunteers leading local, regional, and statewide campaigns to win a clean energy future for all. If you have any questions, or if you're interested in starting a campaign in your community, we can help! Reach out to Billy Davies, Conservation Program Coordinator, at