Protect Lands, Air, Water, and Wildlife

The Sierra Club aims to pursue a variety of conservation goals including protecting public lands, stopping CAFOs, and curbing pollution, particularly from coal-fired power plants.

Our Conservation Team

Missouri Sierra Club’s conservation team is working toward a just, equitable, and sustainable future where all people benefit from a healthy thriving planet and a direct connection to nature. A future where all people breathe fresh air, drink clean water, and regularly spend time outdoors. Join our Conservation Committee!

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Our conservation committee focuses on protecting air, water and wildlife and achieving locally the national Sierra Club goal of conserving 30% of our lands in permanent protection by 2030 to fight the climate crisis and halt extinction. 

Some of the actions we are taking to achieve our goals include: 

  • Advocating for strengthening the protection of existing public lands and strong management of existing public lands including Ozark National Scenic Riverways, and engage in public land policy decisions as they arise;
  • Securing the conservation of Missouri’s newest state parks, including Eleven Point, Bryant Creek, Rock Island, Shepherd of the Hills, and Jay Nixon State Parks; 
  • Advocate for additional protected acres of wildlife refuge along the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers; 
  • Support and coordinate with local Sierra Club groups to stop mining and unwarranted development of fragile, biodiverse landscapes and near state parks; 
  • Participate in administrative advocacy at the Department of Natural Resources to protect communities from the dangerous effects of CAFOs; 
  • Engage with partner organizations to expand urban greenspace, dark sky protections, flooding mitigation efforts, and water quality protections. 

30x30 Campaign

Introducing: The 30x30 Toolkit for Activists!

One of our primary methods to achieve our conservation goals is the 30x30 movement. The 30x30 movement is a grassroots-led push to protect 30 percent of lands and waters in the United States by 2030 to meet the challenge of climate change and provide space for wildlife and communities to thrive. With this new toolkit, advocates from every background can make an impact in our communities. You don't need to be an environmental scientist to care about our planet or make a difference. This toolkit includes resources and links to helpful tools and organizations to help you and your neighbors understand all your options for protecting wild spaces. 

Public Land and Wildlife

We also aim to protect our public land and wildlife. Flourishing nature areas and parks are indispensable to people’s health, prosperity, cultural traditions, and enjoyment. They also play a critical role in combating the climate and extinction crisis. With a million acres of nature being lost to development in the US each year, and one million species at risk of extinction worldwide, it is clear that we need to do more to combat these unprecedented threats, including moving beyond historic conservation models to a more inclusive approach.

Some of our public land and wildlife goals include: 

  • protect existing public lands and enhance the environmental benefits those lands provide
  • increase the number of acres of public lands in MO 
  • increase access to quality public lands for recreation and education to all communities

We are currently working on a variety of statewide campaigns to keep our land, air, water, and wildlife safe. 

Outings | Sierra Club

Some of those campaigns include:

  • Protecting Hawn State Park and nearby beloved natural areas from dangerous frac sand mines. This mining proposal was introduced in fall 2022 and threatens five protected nature parks with air, water, noise and light pollution.  Members of our Conservation Committee as well as concerned members of the local community are participating in administrative advocacy, public hearings, and submitting comments to oppose the NexGen silica sand mine. Sierra Club members and supporters have submitted more than 1,000 signatures and comments opposing the mine. 
  • Support the Eleven Point State Park Development and Opening: In 2022, after years of advocacy,  we have secured the protection of Eleven Point State Park. In 2023 we are looking forward to participating in the Conceptual Development Plan to protect and restore the park’s natural resources and open it to the public. 
  • Strengthening protections Ozark National Scenic Riverways through implementation of an updated Roads and Trails Plan that will better preserve the treasured natural resources within the park; 
  • Increasing the number of protected acres of wildlife refuge along the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers to expand and improve wildlife habitat, water quality, flood control, as well as recreational opportunities.
  • Educating participants about the importance of public lands and the 30x30 campaign through our outings program, which actively encourages exploration, enjoyment and protection of our beloved public lands. 

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