Upcoming Films and Discussions on Nuclear Energy

A brightly colored flyer that says, International Uranium Film Festival.


Nuclear energy is not a climate solution, and as this short video explains, you just can't nuke climate change. It threatens to set back real, viable clean energy solutions. To understand this issue, there are three film-viewing opportunities. These films cover issues often left out of the nuclear energy conversation, such as the effects of radiation, the multiple risks of uranium mining, and its connection to nuclear weapon proliferation. Without understanding all of these issues, we are prone to believe the hype despite the fact that nuclear power is too slow, expensive and dangerous.

International Uranium Film Festival in Portland

The International Uranium Film Festival, “will be showing important, eye-opening films about risks and consequences of uranium mining, the use of nuclear power, nuclear arms and uranium weapons,” says festival’s director and co-founder Norbert G. Suchanek.

When: April 17-18 - Doors at 6pm, Screening 6:30, $5-$20 donation
Where: First Unitarian Church - Eliot Chapel, 1226 SW Salmon St, Portland

This film festival in Portland will be showing three films: Atomic Coverup, Atomic Bamboozle, and Demon Mineral. These films will provide an opportunity to learn more about the problems with siting unproven small modular nuclear reactors, especially at Hanford – where there are decades’ worth of toxic nuclear waste contamination.