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Marys Peak Group Outings

Marys Peak Group Outing Policy

Group photo atop Iron Mountain

Purpose: The Marys Peak Group (MPG) conducts outings to provide an opportunity for members to be involved in introducing others to the wild places in our own backyard, in hopes that today’s enjoyment may lead to a better understanding and a proactive appreciation for preserving wild places. These outings may be day hikes, multi-day backpacking trips, water or snow ventures, or flora and fauna-watching trips.

Volunteer Leaders: To offer these outings, MPG depends on the willingness of volunteers to identify outings and lead groups in a collegial manner that focuses on sharing the environment. MPG depends on the time, energy and enthusiasm of these volunteers to provide our outings and participants should, therefore, appreciate their efforts and treat them with respect and courtesy. The MPG outing leaders follow the procedures detailed in the 2019 Sierra Club’s OLT 101 Guide.

Your Responsibilities: Choosing to join an MPG outing comes with some responsibilities:

  • Your Health and the Group: If you participate in an MPG Outing, you are responsible for your own care, including but not limited to making sure that you are sufficiently fit and appropriately equipped for the event. Talk with the leader of a particular outing if you have doubts about whether you can handle the outing. Tell your leader about any medical conditions which could affect your participation and safety, including but not limited to diabetes, heart conditions, joint problems, or insect, food, plant or other allergies. The leader will be considering not only your health but the potential impact on all participants on the outing, as well as their enjoyment of the outing. Outing leaders have the right to disqualify anyone during an outing if they feel a participant’s inability to keep pace with the group jeopardizes the group's and/or the participant's own health, safety, and enjoyment.

  • Signing-Up: You must contact the leader to pre-register for an outing. Registering is required since leaders often limit the number of participants: wilderness area limitations, number of cars to accommodate four passengers per car or available trailhead parking space, or personal preference about group size. Please do not show up unannounced at the meeting site.

  • Arriving at the meeting site: Arrive at the designated meeting site identified in the outing’s description 10 minutes before the departure time. Sign the waiver form provided by the leader and choose a car to travel in. We leave on time. To meet the group somewhere other than the meeting site, contact the leader in advance to explore that option.

  • Canceling: If you are unable to attend an outing you have signed up for, please let the leader know. Often the number of participants is limited. Notifying the leader in advance, therefore, often allows someone on a waiting list to join the outing. Occasionally MPG has to cancel or change an outing for various reasons. Examples include unexpected wildfires, smoke, extreme temperatures, or an unexpected change in the leader’s schedule. If possible, the leader will contact you before the meeting time.

  • Carpooling: We carpool as much as possible. Our policy is that each passenger reimburses the driver for each hour of driving on non-local outings based on current gas prices. Since gas prices fluctuate, the outing leader will state the hourly rate for that specific outing.

  • Bringing Dogs: Dogs other than certified assistance dogs are allowed only on designated dog walks. On these outings, each owner should have the dog on a leash except in designated off-leash areas.

  • Coming prepared: Dress for the weather and include rain gear, but please no jeans or heavy cottons, especially during the rainy season. Wear sturdy boots or shoes with good traction. Bring water, snacks or lunch for a longer outing, and any medications you might require. We highly recommend that participants bring the Ten Essentials. If a participant arrives at the meeting site inappropriately prepared, the leader has the right to disqualify the person from joining that outing as it may jeopardize the group’s or his/her safety.

  • Interacting Positively: Communicate and interact with the volunteer leader and others on the outing with courtesy and collegial respect. While it’s inevitable that participants will have different goals, perspectives, experiences and abilities, we ask that the group respect each individual’s conditions and needs. Because the focus of outings is to mutually enjoy and share nature, we strive to avoid controversial topics during these outings. If a disturbing topic is brought up during a hike or during the drive to and from the trailhead, ask that the topic be dropped.

  • Signing Liability waiver: All participants must sign a standard Sierra Club liability waiver before each outing (read the waiver here - pdf). The waiver pertains to time on the trail. Neither the Sierra Club nor the Marys Peak Group is responsible for participants during the travel to and from the trailhead.

  • Bringing Minors: People under 18 are welcome on outings for which they have sufficient fitness. A liability waiver and medical treatment authorization form must be signed by a parent or legal, court- appointed guardian if the parent or guardian of the minor is not accompanying the child. The forms can be obtained in advance from the hike leader. The Outing leader cannot be expected to be responsible for the minor. A responsible adult will be required to accompany the minor.

  • Weapons: Guns and other weapons are not allowed on outings.