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Clean air, safe drinking water, wildlife and wild places are under attack—and once they're gone, they're gone for good..

Add your voice to millions of Sierra Club supporters committed to defending and preserving these precious resources when you join the nation's largest and most effective grassroots movement today.


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If there was ever a time to come back to Sierra Club, it's now. The threats to clean air, safe drinking water, wildlife and wild places are mounting every day.

Rejoin the nation's largest and most effective grassroots movement and be a voice for our natural world. Renew your membership today.

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Wildlife and wild places need you to battle against Trump. Become a Wilderness Guardian today.

Our natural world — the clean air, safe drinking water, wildlife and wild places we love — are under attack and we need you now more than ever.

Monthly giving is an easy way to make a difference every day. Your gift provides the resources to sustain long-term campaigns that lead to the permanent protection of our most precious resources.

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"The Sierra Club gets things done because of its size. I trust its breadth and depth of expertise, and count on it to track a wide variety of issues — from promoting clean energy to protecting wetlands — at the local to the global level."
— Glenda Murphy, Wilderness Guardian
"I think it's important to support Sierra Club's work every year. I'm passionate about the places the Club works to protect, both in my backyard in New York as well as around the world."
— Pritpal "Pepi" Singh Kochhar, Member for 15+ years and volunteer trip leader
"I've been very impressed by the renewable energy work that Sierra Club has done. As the mom of a one year old, I think my generation needs to step up to protect the environment so our children have a bright future."
— Nina Chen, Summit Circle Member

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Join the millions of individuals who make us the Sierra Club to explore, enjoy and protect our most precious natural resources — the clean air, safe drinking water, and precious wildlife and wild places we all love.

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You can make a gift to the Sierra Club in a number of ways. Consider donating your old car, giving through your workplace, or making gifts of stock — there are many ways to give.

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We partner with mission-aligned companies to use business as a force for good. Explore how you can have an impact, save money, and support our work.

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Become a member of one of our networks of generous leaders whose contributions support our work at all levels. Members receive regular briefings and other special benefits.

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Leave an enduring environmental legacy by including Sierra Club in your will, living trust, or other estate plan.

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Celebrate a momentous occasion—such as the wedding, anniversary, or birthday of a friend or loved one—or commemorate a special individual.

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For other ways to support Sierra Club's mission, including through major gifts and foundation grants, please contact majorgifts@sierraclub.org

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Do you prefer to give in the mail? Mail your donation or call member services — you can also get a free thank you gift when you do.

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