Hike Rating System

Hike Rating System:

These are meant to help hikers understand the level of difficulty.  Levels of difficulty may vary based on weather or other factors.  The hike rating may vary based upon the Hike Leaders judgment.  When in doubt, please contact the Hike Leader for explanation.

Easy – 6 miles or less with gentle elevation gains and losses of 250 to 1,300 feet.

Moderate – 6 to 10 miles with varied terrain and gradual elevation gains and losses of 1,000 to 2,500 feet.

Strenuous – 9 or more miles with significant elevation gains and losses greater than 2,500 feet.

Trip Type:

The following Trip definitions are meant to help hikers correctly interpret the type of hiking trip.

Out-and-back trip leaves from a beginning destination (trail head) and continues to a designated turn-around location before returning on the same trail to your vehicles.

A loop trip goes out by one route and returns by another with relatively little or no retracing of the same trail.

A shuttle trip starts at one trailhead and ends at another.   Usually, the trailheads are too far apart for you to walk between them, so you will need to leave a car at the ending trailhead.

** Hikes identified with (**) signify those hikes that require the use of an Adventure Pass or Golden Age Pass to park within U.S. National Forests or designated Wilderness areas.