November 2021 Santa Margarita Newsletter

speaker series november 11 6:15pm to 8pm

"Red-Legged Frog: Past, Present, Future" Anny Peralta

We will talk about the status of southern populations of California Red-legged Frogs at both sides of the US-Mexico border. What actions are being conducted to help the species recover, including reintroduction efforts to Southern California from Baja California populations. 

Join us on Thursday, November 11th at 6:30pm for her presentation! Click on our Events page for the link!
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November 4th, 2021
Executive Committee
1st Thursday 
5:00pm - 6:00pm ZOOM

November 11th, 2021
General Meeting/Speaker Series
2nd Thursday
6:15AM - 8:00PM ZOOM
November 15th, 2021
America Recycles Day


message from margaret

Got Biodiversity?

Every now and then an idea comes around that sparks a revolution. Are you ready?


Doug Tallamy, entomologist, professor, and author of "Nature's Best Hope" has started a conservation movement to plant native plants in everyone's yard.
This simple idea will:
  • Save water
  • Stop wildlife extinction
  • Save birds
  • Save butterflies
  • Promote local wildlife
  • Shrink the lawns
  • Help pollinators
  • Beautify America

Homegrown National Parks

Homegrown National Parks is gaining traction in the environmental community. Are you on the map? Go to the website andput your information on the map to join the growing community of NATIVE PLANT enthusiasts. 

Why Plant Natives?
  • Reduce lawns
  • Reduce water usage
  • Helps pollinators
  • Helps biodiversity
  • Birds will thank you
  • Insects will sing your praises
  • Mammals will enjoy it
Join our California Native Plants Action Team. We are working to put Botanical Native Gardens inside city parks! 

Contact Margaret Meyncke (