Recycling Info

This is a page for recycling information for you.

Recycling through Target

You'll find these recycling containers at the front of the store inside, before the checkout counters. Notice that Target will accept plastic bags on the right side, cellphones and ink cartridges on the left. 


You'll find these recycling bins for ink cartridges just as you leave the store.



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Medical Waste

  • Medical Waste can be dropped off at most Medical Centers usually in the Pharmacy area.
  • Below are photos of the recycling bin at the Kaiser Pharmacutical area in Murrieta, CA.
  • This includes unused or expired perscriptions or over the counter medicine for humans as well as for pets.
    It does not include illegal drugs or needles or non-pharmacutical products.
  • Some pharmacies will recycle expired perscriptions, etc., but not all. Be sure
  • to contact your closest one to you to see if it does.



Residential Services for Trash

From waste collection to recycling, and everything in between.

  • Automated three cart system (trash, recycle & green waste) weekly service
  • Additional recycle or green waste carts (additional charges may apply)
  • Additional trash carts (additional charges may apply)
  • ADA walk-in service
  • Cart repair
  • Christmas tree collection
  • Bulky item collection
  • E-waste collection
  • Curbside organic recycling services (where available)
  • Sharps collection (where available)
  • Household battery collection (where available)
  • Community clean-ups

To CR&R, every trash, organics and recycling container holds unique treasures.

The Organics we collect can be diverted from ending up in our landfills and transformed into new products which breathe new life into the product life cycle. By keeping organics out of the landfill, we also avoid the negative impacts of methane emissions. Over the past number of years, their composting facilities located in San Juan Capistrano and Lakeside, California have enabled us to turn lawn clippings, leaves, plants and other household or business green waste into rich compost. Through our composting operations, we have been able to return Mother Nature’s nutrients back to the earth. It’s an enriching idea that helps us to minimize the impact on our environment.

But today, composting is giving way to new technologies which exponentially multiply the positive impacts we can have on our environment for generations to come. That is why CR&R has embarked on a state-of-the-art technology called Anaerobic Digestion. After over a decade of research and development, CR&R has constructed its new Anaerobic Digester (AD) in Perris, California. This new state of the art facility will take our organic waste (ie. food waste, yard waste and compostable materials) and convert them to a renewable natural gas (RNG) and an organic fertilizer. The RNG we produce will be the cleanest fuel available in California and will be used to fuel our fleet of natural gas vehicles. In addition, the rich organic soil amendment produced by our AD Facility can also be used by farmers, landscapers and other garden lovers. Our new Anaerobic Digester will not only return Mother Nature’s nutrients back to the soil but it will also allow us to be energy independent by providing a clean and carbon negative fuel for our collection vehicles. We believe that this new technology will not only pave the way for future generation’s sustainability, but it will also be the first building block of our community’s organics infrastructure.

 CR&R Services

In business since 1963, CR&R’s mission has been to provide our customers with consistent, safe, worry-free and sustainable waste and recycling services. From the moment you sign up for service to the moment that service is delivered, we strive to offer all of our customers a hassle-free experience. But their job is not complete after your materials are collected: CR&R also has an extensive network of processing facilities that can manage every facet of your waste stream including solid waste, recyclables, green waste, food waste, construction and demolition waste, electronic waste, and other materials. Through our extensive collection and processing systems, we strive to reduce the negative impact that solid waste can potentially have on our environment for generations to come. We welcome you to the CR&R family of companies.

Anaerobic Digestion

In the Riverside area, CRR provides their services to a limited number of cities and communities:
Blythe, Calimesa, Canyon Lake, Hemet, Lake Elsinore, Perris, Riverside, San Jacinto, Temecula, Wildomar, De Luz Community Services District, Unincorporated County.  Some areas, such as Menifee, receive their services through WM – Waste Management, which does not offer organic anaerobic digestion processing, and the two do not intermingle at all.
Presently, tours of their facility in Perris are not available (due to the pandemic) and also, they are not accepting on-site deposits of organic waste for the same reason. Maybe in another year.
Imagine a carbon-free, ultra-low emission, locally produced, renewable transportation fuel with enough energy to power heavy-duty vehicles.

CR&R Environmental Services (CR&R) has invested in an advanced organics processing technology known as Anaerobic Digestion (AD). This technology has enabled CR&R to produce a clean Renewable Natural Gas which can then be used to power its large fleet of refuse and recycling collection vehicles. This 100% Renewable Natural Gas is being created from the organic waste that is being captured throughout CR&R’s collection network.

Our new state of the art processing facility can accept the region’s organic waste and divert this material from the local landfills where it would naturally degrade into environmentally damaging methane gas. It’s an advanced technology that moves waste and its’ associated methane emissions away from the landfill and into our vehicles in the form of a renewable natural gas, the cleanest transportation fuel available today. In addition, we will also create a high-grade organic compost material for farms, gardens, and other agricultural facilities. The AD system is located at CR&R’s facility in Perris, California.

A digester “digests” organic waste, producing a “biogas”. State-of-the-art systems will clean up the biogas and convert it into a renewable natural gas to be used in compressed natural gas collection trucks servicing Southern California!

This proprietary process is unique to CR&R and is fully enclosed with zero untreated emissions. It has the highest energy conversion rate in the industry due to its state-of-art design and digital controls. CR&R also has the only renewable natural gas interconnect in California. This unique interconnect, in partnership with the Southern California Gas Company; allow us to distribute our Renewable Natural Gas